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menstrual cups???????????

ive been using pads and tamps for as long as i have had my periods and i was considering trying menstrual cups (diva cups, softcup, lunette.....etc)

i was wondering

can i wear them at night?

how comfy r they? can i move around freely?

whats ur favorite brand?

can i go swimming in it?

are they good for sports? (im very sporty)


where can i get them? i live near target, woolworths.......

what size should i get? if its not big enough wont it drip out of my vagina?? coz that would be really embarrassing!

thanks to all who answered!

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    - Can I wear them at night?

    Yes, unlike tampons menstrual cups and softcups are perfectly safe to wear overnight as there is no risk of TSS and they can be worn for up to 12 hours, also menstrual cups hold more flow and have light suction so don't leak like pads thus more convenient and reliable for wearing overnight.

    - How comfy are they?

    Very, as they're internal they can't be felt like pads fact many women who switch from tampons to cups comment on how they didn't realise how noticeable tampons were until they tried menstrual cups or softcups. Menstrual cups are more comfortable than tampons because they are smooth and not drying so they don't cause irritation, damage to vaginal tissues, and they can actually reduce menstrual cramps where as tampons are known to increase menstrual cramps.

    - What's your favourite brand?

    Personally I like Ladycup as it's very smooth and flexible so much easier to insert than other cups, also due to it's flexibility and size it sits higher in my vagina than other cups which suits me better.

    - Can I go swimming in it?

    Yes, they are the best option for swimming - unlike tampons they can be worn even during light flow, they don't absorb water, nothing shows outside of your body, and they don't leak like tampons.

    - Are they good for sports?

    Yes, they are the best option when active - unlike tampons they can be worn with any flow and don't increase cramps, also they're better as they don't leak like tampons and no need to use pads at all.

    - Will they get stuck?

    No, impossible - anything that goes into your vagina will come out.

    - Where can I get them?

    It's best to buy online as then you can get the best cup to suit your body and shop around to get them cheaper, if you want to buy in a real life store it's best to try eco-friendly stores or check with the cup brand you're buying to see where your nearest stockist is - in the US Divacup is the easiest brand to find, however they may not be suitable for you as they're a long/firm brand.

    - What size should I get?

    Most cups will offer two sizes; one for women who have not had a baby, one for women who have had a baby or who are over 30 - get the appropriate size, although these are only a guide. Cups come in different sizes and shapes, it's best to figure out how long your vaginal canal is - insert a clean finger during menstruation, if you can easily reach your cervix you have a short vaginal canal so may need a smaller cup such as a MeLuna or Ladycup, rather than a longer cup like a Divacup.

    - If its not big enough wont it drip out of my vagina?

    No, any cup should be able to physically fit you, the only time when a smaller cup would be a problem is when it comes to capacity (larger cups can obviously hold more than smaller cups), but remember that all cups carry more than tampons and cups have light suction so don't leak like tampons or just may want a bigger cup for larger capacity if you have a heavier flow.

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    1. Yes, you can wear them at night. Depending on your flow, it should not leak overnight since it can be worn up to 12 hours. Some women do need to change it more often than that though, so you might want to wear it with a pad for backup if you have a heavy flow.

    2. They are very comfortable if inserted correctly. You should not be able to feel it. Sometimes I forget that it's even in or that I have my period. There is a learning curve though, so it may take some time for you to learn how to insert and be comfortable with it.

    3. My favorite brand is the Lunette. I have also tried the DivaCup. I found the DivaCup to be too soft, and switched to Lunette model 2, which is a firmer material. They do say model 2 is for women who have had children or are 30+ (I think), but this is just a suggestion. You can use the larger sizes even if you have no children. I chose model 2 because it is made of a firmer material than Lunette model 1.

    4. You can do swimming and sports in it with no problem. Like I said before, if it is inserted correctly, you should not even notice it.

    5. They will not get stuck. There are release holes near the rim to help break the seal to get it out. You pinch the bottom to release it and then pull it out. If this does not work, you can use one finger to reach the rim and push it so it collapses to get it out. It can be kind of tricky at first, but it will not get stuck if you relax and are calm about it. If you can't reach it, try squatting and bearing down with your muscles so it can be reached.

    6. If you are in the U.S., the only place I know to get a menstrual cup is Whole Foods, and I believe they only carry the DivaCup. They are also sold online and are usually cheaper that way.

    7. If you are younger I would start with the smaller size. If it is not big enough for your flow, you can change it more often so it doesn't leak or wear a backup pad.

    Hope this helps!

    Source(s): My own experience
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    1. You can definitely wear them at night. Because they're not absorbent, there isn't the huge rush to get them out like there is with tampons after 8 hours. You can quite safely keep them in for more than 12 hours, providing you washed it beforehand. ;)

    2. Inserted correctly, you shouldn't be able to feel them. If you get the stem to the right length it won't poke you, either. Overall I think they're very comfortable.

    3. I personally like the Lunette because it suits my body. However, they're too short for some people and it may be a struggle to reach the stem. It depends what you want.

    4. Yes, you most definitely can! It's best to get the hang of it beforehand, of course, but swimming is fine with a cup in.

    5. You may need to get a stiffer cup if you're sporty to make sure they keep their shape no matter what you're doing, but they're generally very good. :)

    6. There is nowhere for them to go. If you can't get it out, just relax and try and again later.

    7. Woolworths is still open where you live? :O They're all shut in my area...

    Anyhoo. I'd recommend ordering them online because you need to get the cup that suits your body, and usually stores only sell the Divacup or the Mooncup. (which are too long for a lot of people)

    8. Nopers. In the worst case scenario, if the cup is too small, you may get a few leaks. But the actual cup shouldn't fall out. They form a seal with the vagina which, when removing the cup, you'll notice takes a bit of work to break. It's fairly easy, but there's no way you could do it without assistance from your fingers.

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    Are Soft Cups Safe

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    I have a diva cup

    I found it took practice to get it into the correct comfortable position

    I did not have any leaks - I did not try it swimming so I can't comment there - should be fine for sports

    it cannot get stuck

    I bought mine via mail order

    there are 2 types - one for those who have had children and one for those who have not had children

    those of us who have children joke and call ours the 'industrial strength' one

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