Liberals, re: Obama "defending" the constitution, Hows that "hope and change" working out?

please note, with the appointment of Sotomayor (my background is superior to a white mans) and Kagan (isnt it wonderful theyre voting for it), claming a "blame bush" situation would seem to be an uphill battle at best....

The three-judge panel flatly rejected arguments from the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel, which claimed that the president has discretion to decide that the Senate is unavailable to perform its advice and consent function.

"Allowing the president to define the scope of his own appointment power would eviscerate the Constitution's separation of powers," Chief Judge David Sentelle wrote in the 46-page ruling. He was appointed by President Ronald Reagan.

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    Things go back and forth, another court upheld it, this one didn't, it doesn't stop until the Supremes rule.

    In the mean time the Republicans might gloat for a bit, but the nation is missing an awful lot of administrators, and the nation suffers

    And one day, should it be upheld, there will be a Republican in the White House who will find himself equally hamstrung and lacking in the ability to run the government.

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    clear so some distance as what ? each and every thing is on the White dwelling house internet web site and the restore Act internet web site. They provided over 70,000 information to the Congress. yet Darrell Issa is spearheading the marketing campaign to dirty the President and he's evil. some information ought to proceed to be categorized.

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    How IS the change from Bush to Obama working out for most Americans?

    Bear in mind that about 65% of Americans (though not YOU, evidently!) were left with enough cash & enough patriotism at the end of the Bush Administration to invest in US how DID that work out for them?

    Dow under G W Bush; 10,860 down to 8,279 by the time he left Office (Net loss -23.7%)

    Dow under Obama ; 8,279 to 13,895 (up 5,616 points, or 67.8%) as of close yesterday…

    Source(s): You did make me giggle when you posted a REAGAN-appointed Judge complaining about Obama....what a surprise THAT was! LOL!
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    Hope = Osambo puts a gun to his head

    Change = He pulls the trigger

    Forward = He's dumped into an unmarked grave , dirt shoveled on top...and now it's Miller time !

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  • Just fine, thanks! Loving the fact that Romney lost! Three con activist judges, whoopy do. It will be overturned since it clearly makes more than 200 appointments by various Presidents over the last hundred years illegal.

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    Just fine thank you.

    We are hoping that those Anti-Christian Obstructionists, like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, will all just die off, of old age, or cry themselves into oblivion, in John's case.


  • So what is your question? You do realize you are just rambling with no focus on what you are trying to ask.

  • 8 years ago

    Whatever you say troll.

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