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Movie 43: Worth it even as a fangirl? (Smerch screentime?)?

According to reviews, Movie 43 is bad, really bad. On the other hand, Stephen Merchant is in it and I have a huge crush on him. On the other hand, he tends to only make cameos in movies, and considering over half the advertisements I've seen for this film don't even mention him, he might only have about five minutes of screen time. On the other hand, he has more renown as a writer than an actor AND he's foreign, so maybe they just assumed nobody knows who he is over here (and that very much seems to be the case) AND even though he wasn't in that that much either, he had, to my understanding, more than just a cameo in Hall Pass (another Farley Brothers film) and they didn't think it was important to mention him then either. On the other hand, if he DOES only have a cameo, I'm not paying eleven dollars and sitting through an appalling movie just for five or so good minutes. On the other hand, one of the clips shown in the commercials have him doing some sort of pelvic thrust thing (yay) and if he gets shirtless (which given the tone of the film and Steve's style, is more than a possibility that that's where that scene was going before it cut off) then I could pay 20 dollars and sit through eight train wrecks of a movie. So for those of you who actually saw this movie, how long and how frequently was Stephen in it? And is there anything else I should know about the scenes he's in that would effect my opinion of whether or not to see it?

PS: If you saw the movie, but don't know who I'm talking about, he's the British guy who dared Halle Berry to crash the blind kid's birthday party.

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    He is in one sketch with Halle Berry which is quite funny but lasts no longer than 8-10 minutes . The rest of the movie however is pretty rubbish and if it's just him you want too see I would recommend waiting until it's on dvd and is kind of cheap as you will likely regret paying for it. I've seen around 50/60 people leave the movie early saying how rubbish it was and I went to see it and also thought it was rubbish..

    Source(s): I work in a cinema and have watched the movie
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    Halle Berry shows huge fake boobs and do lots of weird stuff ............

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    I didn't watch it.. maybe I'll watch it in two years when the hype is down.

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