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Google Play Music artists messed up?

So I go into my Google Play Music, and i want to play all my songs for, let's say, Rihanna. I search Rihanna, and I click on her name, after which it precedes to play random songs from all of them. I realized also that most of the songs (or maybe all) do not have an album name. Do you think if I put an album name, they will play normally?

Im using my d2tmo SGS3 running CM 10.1 20130124SKANK, but it also had the same problem with most of the ROMs I tried.

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  • 8 years ago
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    its not the ROM... its the app.... reason # 23346713473547457 why I never use Google Play Music or any stock music app on any ROM from any OEM or 3rd party geek...

    I use PowerAMP...I been using it since 2010 on 3 different androids and onmany countless of roms... never had 1 issue.. on any ROM from any OEM or 3rd party geek...

    you problem, as well as mine BACK IN THE DAY is the MP3 tag. Google Play and any EOM stock music app isnt reading the tag correctly, especially if its burn or ripped to a computer from a CD or downlaoded for free of a mp3 website or if you used youtube2mp3 apps... I tried, using mp3tag editior on my PC, and recoding every single freakin mp3 I had, to exact songs titles to album titles to correct album art to even syncing it with info... though this is 95% o the issues with stock music app, Google Play Music STILL wont get it right... so, I lost all hope for stock apps.... ALL HOPE!... I never use them nor will I have in the future until the OEM, Google, and wireles carriers get their heads out of their #@@!$&!#$&!#$^#@$&U@!#.....

    For music... I'll use PowerAMP.... for videos... I'll MX Player.... enough said

    If its not me, nor the mp3 tags, nor the phone, nor the rom.... its the stupid app... and I hope someone is charge is reading this right now...

    Source(s): 5 years Professional Wireless Experience
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