What are your 2013 MLB Predictions?

We are just weeks away from spring training. Most of the players have signed, and except for Upton heading to Atlanta, most teams know their roster for the upcoming season. I would love to hear everyone's predictions on the upcoming season. Feel free to include playoff predictions as well.

AL East

1. Baltimore O's

2. New York Yankees 3 GB

3. Toronto Blue Jays 4 GB

4. Boston Red Sox 6 GB

5. Tampa Bay Rays 9 GB

The AL East is slowly but surely losing its place as the best division in baseball. The Yankees are getting old, the Red Sox have no team chemistry, and the Rays have no fan support. The Orioles could very well dominate this division in baseball for the next few years to come

AL Central

1. Chicago White Sox

2. Kansas City Royals 2 GB (Wild Card #2)

3. Detroit Tigers 5 GB

4. Minnesota Twins 5 GB

5. Cleveland Indians 10 GB

There's always a couple teams each year that come out of nowhere. This year, I think it will be the Royals. This division is gonna come right down to the last month, and in the end I think the White Sox will win it, and one Chicago baseball team will finally get in the playoffs. The Royals have a very bright future ahead, and they will be headed to their first playoff game in a while. For Detroit, they will come up just short of the playoffs after playing in the world series the previous year.

AL West

1. Texas Rangers

2. Los Angeles Angels 1 GB (Wild Card #1)

3. Oakland Athletics 7 GB

4. Seattle Mariners 13 GB

5. Houston Astros 34 GB

Texas will win the AL West. The Angels will live up to their expectations this year, and come up 1 Game short from winning this division, and host the wild card game. This division will go back and forth all season, and will come down to the final series in baseball. The Athletics 2012 dream season was just a fluke, The mariners won't play too good, but it looks like they have a bright future ahead. The astros, well they are the astros.

NL East

1. Atlanta Braves

2. Philadelphia Phillies 2 GB (Wild Card #2)

3. Washington Nationals 6 GB

4. New York Mets 24 GB

5. Miami Marlins 26 GB

The NL East is going to be the most dominant division, if it isn't already. I have the Braves barely scooting this one by now that they got Justin Upton. With both brother on the team, that will make the chemistry outstanding. No, i'm not saying that because they're my team either. The Phillies season last year was just a fluke. They are a very good baseball team, but are getting old. They have a few more years to compete, unless they get some young talent. The Nationals will be one of those teams that doesn't live up to their 2013 expectations, and the Marlins and Mets will battle for the bottom two spots of the division. This will be a 3 team race before the Nationals fall off in September.

NL Central

1. Cincinatti Reds

2. Pittsburgh Pirates 2 GB (Wild Card #1)

3. St. Louis Cardinals 4 GB

4. Milwaukee Brewers 5 GB

5. Chicago Cubs 24 GB

Nothing like a 4 team race. That's exactly what the NL Central will be. Pittsburgh will finally get to the playoffs, and they get to face their in state rival at their home ballpark. Brewers will have a strong season, but come up short.

NL West

1. Arizona Diamondbacks

2. San Francisco Giants 6 GB

3. LA Dodgers 8 GB

4. Colorado Rockies 18 GB

5. San Diego Padres 24 GB

The Diamondbacks are a lot better than people think. Kirk Gibson is an outstanding manager, and I have always loved him. San Francisco is a great team with outstanding pitching, but their pitchers will struggle. This season will only be a fluke for them. Even though the season will be a fluke, they will still fall up only 6 games short.


AL Wild Card Game

Angels defeat Royals 6-4


Angels over White Sox 3-2

Orioles over Rangers 3-2

NL Wildcard Game

Pittsburgh over Philadelphia 5-4 on a walkoff home run


Braves over Pittsburgh 3-1

D-Backs over Reds 3-2


Angels over Orioles 4-2


This just sounds too good to be true. Justin Upton gets traded to the Braves from the D-Backs, and Martin Prado, Chris Johnson, and Justin Upton all get to face their former team with a spot in the World Series on the line.

Braves over D-Backs 4-3

World Series

In an intense world series, the Braves will win it all. Atlanta will finally not choke in the playoffs, and win the world series in 7 games in front of the home crowd. Not trying to sound biased, but I gotta support my team! :)

Can't wait to hear everyone else's opinions!

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    AL West

    1. Angels

    2. Rangers WC

    3. A's

    4. Mariners

    5. Astros

    Athletics were a fluke in 2012, they had too many comebacks and walk offs to reasonably repeat. Rangers aren't as good as they were the past 3 seasons, but I think they will be just good enough to get a playoff spot. I also think they will sign Bourn. Angels are just too good. Hamilton, Pujols, Trout, and Trumbo in one lineup is just filthy.

    AL Central

    1. Tigers

    2. White Sox

    3. Royals

    4. Indians

    5. Twins

    Not much to say here. Tigers by far superior. White Sox will hover around .500. Royals are a year or two away from being good.

    AL East.

    1. Rays

    2. Jays (Wild Card)

    3. Yankees

    4. Orioles

    5. Red Sox

    Rays have too much pitching to not be the favorites in my eyes. Shields will not be missed. Longoria will be back in full force and be a finalist for the MVP. Jays added a ton of talent, I think they were the pieces they really needed to contend. Cabrera and Reyes getting on base for Bautista, Encarnacion, and Lawrie. Yankees are aging, they need to remodel the team badly. Orioles will fall back to earth, their run differential indicated they were not as good of a team as their record indicated. Red Sox are probably the worst team, they have way too many question marks.

    NL West.

    1. Giants

    2. Dodgers Wild Card

    3. Dbacks

    4. Padres

    5. Rockies

    Giants are the class of the division. Expect a bounce back year from Lincecum, and the offense to be just enough to win. Belt could breakout and be a star. Dodgers have a ton of talent, if they can have a healthy Kemp and Crawford they might actually be better than the Giants. Tons of pitching depth, they have 7 or 8 major league quality starters. Dbacks are not a good team. At least for now Upton is gone, Prado is a good player be he isn't the impact guy Upton is. Padres and Rockies are well below the other 3.

    NL Central

    1. Reds

    2. Cardinals

    3. Pirates

    4. Brewers

    5. Cubs

    Reds are the class of the division, adding Choo makes them slightly better. Cardinals will contend for a playoff spot, but who knows what you can expect from Carpenter, Beltran and Furcal with their age. Pirates will probably finish at or near .500. Brewers aren't contenders in my eyes with the Hart injury and Greinke not being there. Cubs are by far the worst. They don't have the pieces to contend at this point.

    NL East

    1. Nationals

    2. Braves (Wild Card)

    3. Phillies

    4. Mets

    5. Marlins

    Nationals are just too good, they have no holes. Braves aren't as improved as people like to think. The Uptons have the potential to be 6 win players each every year, yet they haven't lived up to it. Losing Bourn, Chipper, Prado, and Hanson hurts and might outweigh the Uptons. Phillies are just getting old, its time for them to rebuild. Mets without Dickey don't stand a chance in my eyes, and the Marlins are on par with the Astros now.

    Wild Card Games

    Blue Jays beat the Rangers. Darvish crumbles against the power of the Jays.

    Dodgers beat the Braves. Kershaw shuts them out.


    Angels over Jays in 4

    Tigers over Rays in 5. Verlander has to win 2.


    Nationals over Dodgers in 5

    Giants over Reds in 4


    Angels over Tigers in 6.


    Nationals over Giants in 5

    World Series

    Nationals over Tigers in 6. Jayson Werth steps up and wins series MVP.

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    Al East

    1.Toronto Blue Jays

    2.Baltimore Orioles (Wild Card #1)

    3.Tampa Bay Rays (Wild Card #2)

    4.New York Yankees

    5.Boston Red Sox

    Al Central

    1.Detroit Tigers

    2.Chicago White Sox

    3.Kansas City Royals

    4.Cleveland Indians

    5.Minnesota Twins

    Al West

    1.Los Angeles Angels

    2.Oakland Athletics

    3.Texas Rangers

    4.Seattle Mariners

    5.Houston Astros

    Nl East

    1.Washington Nationals

    2.Atlanta Braves (Wild Card #1)

    3.New York Mets

    4.Philadelphia Phillies

    5.Miami Marlins

    Nl Central

    1.Pittsburgh Pirates

    2.Cincinnati Reds

    3.St. Louis Cardinals

    4.Milwaukee Brewers

    5.Chicago Cubs

    Nl West

    1.Arizona Diamondbacks

    2.Los Angeles Dodgers (Wild Card #2)

    3.San Fransisco Giants

    4.Colorado Rockies

    5.San Diego Padres

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    Just throwing these out for fun. No playoff predictions yet for me


    1. Rays

    2. Yankees

    3. Blue Jays

    4. Orioles

    5. Red Sox


    1. Tigers

    2. Royals

    3. White Sox

    4. Indians

    5. Twins


    1. Angels

    2. Athletics

    3. Rangers

    4. Mariners

    5. Astros

    NLE (only division I am dead set about)

    1. Nationals

    2. Braves

    3. Philles

    4. Mets

    5. Marlins


    1. Reds

    2. Cardinals

    3. Brewers

    4. Pirates

    5. Cubs


    1. Dodgers

    2. Giants

    3. Padres

    4. D-Backs

    5. Rockies

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  • Nate D
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    8 years ago

    First off, eliminate me from BA running. It's too early for me to do all that thinking, lol. I just have to address a couple issues regarding the NL East that your question has brought up.

    -Justin Upton has TWO .900 OPS seasons at ages 21 and 23, won a SS as an OUTFIELDER and finished in the top 5 for NL MVP, yet people talk about him as if he's simply a good-to-great addition. One guy here gave him what, 6 win shares? Basically what I'm saying is that his detractors knock him for not having a real breakout season despite those accomplishments. If his CRITICS don't think we've seen anything yet, what on this planet is everybody else guessing for him, and WHY haven't they applied it to their Braves predictions??

    -Brian McCann put up a .300/.399/.699 line in 2012. That's not going to happen this year. He put up a much larger 3-year split between '09-'11 that tells us he's actually worth .358/.468/.826.

    -Dan Uggla put up a .348/.384/.732 line in 2012. That's not going to happen again this year. Only once in his life before '12 did he fail to hit 30 HR; his rookie season, with 27. He's NEVER slugged below .450 until last year. His career HR totals are 27-31-32-31-33-36-19. Which one is not like the others? Throw in the fact that despite that wretched fluke of a season he still managed to post an OBP near .350, and your worst-case scenario becomes .350/.450/.800 with 32 HR.

    -Medlen, Beachy, Hudson, Minor, Maholm, Teheran. I just had to throw that out there. I could've swore I saw somebody mentioned Hanson's loss as a hit against the Braves, so putting that in writing seemed, well, necessary.

    -Kimbrel, Venters, O'Flaherty, Walden, Martinez. Are you <bleeping> kidding me?! Who does that? Is that even legal?

    -Freeman, Simmons and Heyward are all 23. Disregard everything I have already said; that is a pretty insane nucleus that is still rising.

    -The Braves lost their first 4 games of 2012. They finished May with an 8-game losing streak. Shortly thereafter they lost 7 of 8. They finished the season 94-68.

    -Michael Bourn's OBP from the leadoff spot was .348. BJ Upton is a career .336 guy. Yet this "huge loss" that Bourn is being made out to be vs the guy we replaced him with amounts to an OPS difference last year of 13 points...in UPTON'S favor.

    -Prado: .796 OPS last year. Johnson: .777. That suggests perhaps another overplayed loss/replacement situation being used against Atlanta.

    Long story short, I have pointed out nothing from a biased perspective. Those are all either facts or heavily agreed-upon statements. The point was mostly to illustrate OBVIOUS flukes in poor performances that nonetheless amounted to over 90 wins. Justin Upton was added to that. Everything in its entirety rests on replacing the 112 games Chipper Jones played very good ball in. I'm not ignoring the fact that Medlen will not be Maddux again this year, but honestly, which other Braves player went statistically above his head like that for all of 2012?

    The homer Braves fan could say a whole lot went perfect for the Nationals; fortunes the Braves didn't enjoy. The realist baseball fan can analyze these claims, compare them with facts, flukes, fortunes, probabilities, possibilities, the whole nine yards and find those 6 games that Atlanta missed out on last year. The Nationals are being touted for having all this youth and talent, and rightfully so. All I'm asking is for people to take just ONE more good look at their notes before making their claims.

  • 8 years ago

    Huge braves fan myself but i'll try not to be too biased lol.

    AL east;

    Blue Jays, rays, Yankees, orioles, red Sox

    I really like the blue Jays roster, they made a ton of moves but have no glaring weakness. Tampa makes wild card, they just know how to win. Yankees, there old, injured and made no improvements. Orioles, i grew up in Maryland but in Fresno Cali now, so i was happy with there accomplishments last yr, and they have $, but made no improvements this offseason. They shoulda got a top of the line starting pitcher. Red Sox will be better, but have a ways to go.

    AL central;

    Tigers, white Sox, royals, Indians, twins

    Although Detroit needs more pitching, getting Victor Martinez back is like adding a near MVP caliber player, they'll score enough to win the division. White Sox will put up a fight til the end, but letting pierzynski go will ultimately doom them. Royals will be a pleasant surprise, and will take major strides in the right direction, but not quite there (maybe having a good yr they can finally attract free agents and take the division in 2014) Indians, there not even truely trying to compete trading away choo and hafner leaving. Twins pitching woes will continue from opening day to seasons end. I think they trade morneau at the deadline to a contender, possibly Texas.

    AL West;

    Angels, rangers (wild card), a's, mariners, Astros

    Angels win the division comfortably. Pujols has an MVP type year, and there pitchers do above expectations, do i needa mention that outfield...rangers barely get the wild card, losing Hamilton, Napoli and Michael young and bringing in only pierzynski is too much of a loss for any team, and there pitching woes weren't fixed either. I think the A's were a fluke, there pitching will be solid as usual, but there slightly under a .500 ball Club. The mariners still can't catch a break, and will once again struggle, bringing in more rumors of will they trade King Felix. The Astros, there horrible in every way, they'll have mlb worse record, thanks to trading good players for minor league talent that i don see much potential on.

    NL east;

    Atlanta, nats/wild card, Phillies, Mets, Marlins

    As a braves fan i gotta go with my team. There lineup looks like this 1)ss,, andrelton Simmons 2)rf, Jason Hayward 3)lf, Justin Upton 4)1b, Freeman 5)c, McCann 6)cf, bj Upton 7)2b, uggla 8)3b, Juan Francisco/Chris Johnson, with reed Johnson, Paul janish, Gerald Laird, Jordan Schafer & Jose constanza off the bench. Starters medlin, Hudson, minor, maholm,, Teheran until beachy returns. Bullpen, avilan, gearrin, Walden, venters, O'Flaherty, kimbrel. Best bullpen in the majors. Now that's a deep lineup, with a ton of youth, speed, athleticism and great defensive caliber players. Both Upton bros will push eachother, and they'll have Bette than there usual yrs to show for it. Hayward and Freeman are scary young and will continue to get better, oh and Freeman is 100%healthy, he was only that way 4 weeks last yr and took nl player of the week in 2 of them. Uggla feels the pressure if his contract lifted due to b.j. And Justin arrival, he has a solid yr. And McCann will hit like the McCann he always was, but only if he stays healthy. Simmons has many questions offensively still, but he's regarded as one of the games top 3 defensive short stops already. Medlin won't repeat his out of this world numbers, but he'll be close to getting selected an all star. Hudson is Mr reliable, no reason to expect otherwise. Minor is a question mark, the first half of last season he couldn't keep anything in the park, the second half he was as dominant as any. Which player shows? Maholm will be a solid #4, Teheran finally has his chance in the majors, i think he produces mixed results, but impressive enough that 2014 he's an all star. Beachy returns and isn't too effective i think. Bullpen remains mlb best, Walden, venters, O'Flaherty and kimbrel just aren't nice. Any braves lead after 6 is almost guaranteed a win.

    Nationals have another great yr, but harden gets injured early as usual. Strahsburg wins the cy young, Bryce Harper improves, showing glimpses of a superstar, but u can see he just needs a bit more experience. Desmond and Danny Espinoza don't repeat there home run totals, larocha has an identical yr. I think trading Morse will hurt, someone will get injured and morses departure will sting. Soriano is great in the pen, let's see if age comes into play. Now what's scary, is there still looking at javier Vasquez, and rumors are surfacing now that there interested in Kyle lohse,, and would move Ross detweiler to the pen if they sign him. That rotation does not need anymore weapons for the love of God!

    Phillies age continues to show, they'll be better, but just overmatched by atl and the nats. Mets stay around .500 all season, giving there young guys exp and gearing up to spend $ in 2014. Marlins a

  • 8 years ago

    The Giants will win the World Series again.

  • AL East: TOR, NY, BAL, (TB or BOS 4th)

    AL Central: CHI, DET, KC, CLE, MIN

    AL West: OAK, LA, TEX, SEA, HOU

    AL Wild Cards: Yankees, Angels

    NL East: ATL, WSH, PHI, NY, MIA

    NL Central: CIN, STL, PIT, MIL, CHI

    NL West: SF, LA, SD, ARZ, COL

    NL Wild Cards: Nationals, Cardinals

    Playoffs are something you just can't predict, and if you can, it's just luck.

  • 8 years ago

    Look out for the Nationals. They have the starting pitching and lumber. The Braves are s close two

  • 8 years ago

    Its to much writing. But giants are going to repeat this season

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