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I cannot access my yahoo account?

I am using the correct password yet I cannot access my account

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    Since you are on answers to ask this question, you are logged in. Click the Mail icon at the top of the answers page to get to your email account. If you still can't access your mail, try one of these below:

    There are many issues at this time. Many are unable to send, receive, sign in or out, or use any features in the mail.

    Yahoo has their engineers working on the problems. They hope to have it fixed soon, In the meantime, you can click one of these links to access your mail, it's basic, no frills, but it works. or: or:

    I use the "us" link when Yahoo has problems.

    Click this message at the top of the questions page 'How do I provide feedback on Yahoo Mail?

    On the next page click at the top where you see the Orange Bell. There you will find the new mail explained

    You may also have a bad cache. Click Tools, Internet options.

    Delete the cookies, temp files and history.

    Click Ok and Restart the computer

    Some are switching to a different browser, firefox,etc.

    Make sure your java is updated

    Also you can turn of the Compatibility view located when you click Tools. It worked for others.

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    8 years ago

    You are actually logged in or you would not be able to ask on Yahoo answers. I assume it's your mail where you are struggling. Some people find this works. Try this log out, change your e-mail password and log back in.

  • 4 years ago

    convinced.. i'm also dealing with an similar project....i'll login to my different 6 yahii expenses yet cant login to my mail digital mail truly is so complicated....could be yahoo maintainance is going on...yet YAHOO ought to tell US about THIS.... Yahoo is so unhelpful in those subject matters.. few months in the past i had this project, after 2-3 days I were able o login to my account...i'm hoping i could do an similar this time too...

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