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Converting kilograms to liters at STP?

I am trying to help my brother with his chemistry homework. It is as followed:

What is the volume in liters of 15.0 kg of carbon dioxide at STP?

I have no idea to set this question up or solve it. However, the density of CO2 is 1.83 g/L.

Thank you!

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    This is all you need to know:

    " What is the volume in liters of 15.0 kg of carbon dioxide at STP?"

    At STP the pressure is 1.00 atm and the temperature is 0C or 273K.

    PV = nRT .... gives us

    PV = mRT / M .... when we replace n with m / M... where m is mass and M is molar mass

    V = mRT / PM

    V = 15,000 g x 0.0821 Latm/molK x 273K / 1.00atm / 44.0g/mol

    V = 7640L ..... to three significant digits

    ================== Follow up =====================

    You don't really need the density to solve this problem, and besides, the density of CO2 gas at STP is NOT 1.83 g/L

    At STP the density of CO2 is 1.96 g/L. You can easily find this because 1 mol of CO2 has a mass of 44.0g and 1 mol of CO2 gas has a volume of 22.4L at STP.

    D = m / V = 44.0g / 22.4L = 1.96 g/L

    But if you just "had" to use the density at STP ....

    15,000g x 1L / 1.96 g = 7650 L

    The difference between my first answer 7640L and 7650L is due to round-off error in the volume of a gas at STP, and the density. The volume of 7640 is more correct since it has less accumulated error. But for three sig figs, its fine. The last significant digit is the uncertain digit.

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    Density is 1.98 kg/m^3

    Just google "density of CO2.

    15 kg Co2 * 1 m^3/1,98 kg = 7.58 m^3

    There are 1000 liters per meter ^3. Therefore there are 7580 liters of CO2 per 15 kg.

    Just google liters per cubic meter

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    Density = mass/volume

    CO2 density = 1.83g/L

    1.83g/1 liter = 15000g/X liters

    X = 8196.7 liters

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    2KClO3 => (heating) 2KCl + 3O2 it's given zero.525 kg of KCl or 525 grs of KCl or 525 / 74.5 = 7.047 moles of KCl the ratio between KCl and O2 is 2 : three, so the moles of O2 produced is 7.047 / 2 x 3 = 10.57 so the volume of O2 at STP will likely be produced at STP = 10.57 x 22.4 = 236.Seventy eight (L)

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