Why is my moms boyfriend mean to me?

my mom and him live together in her house and when i came back from school today i knocked and the door in my moms room and it was unlocked which i dident know and i saw my moms boyfriend shirtless with my mom in there.Then he yelled at me and made me cry and said mean things about my dad which came out of random.My mom just did nothing just watching and he cursed at me. My moms boyfriend is a doctor and they make good money and is that the only reason why my mom likes him but my mom is paying most of the bills and does all the food making and cleaning.is that not nice.i dont know because sometimes i feel like my mom is unhappy but sometimes she is happy.he also teases me about my crush and me.he does the same thing to my brother to. thanks for your anwsers.

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  • 8 years ago

    1) If the door is closed wait for an answer BEFORE you walk into a room. The door is closed for a reason - would you want your mum to knock and barge into your room without waiting for a 'come in?'

    2) Your mum's boyfriend will only hear what your mum says about your father, not his side of the story, Therefore his opinion is lopesided. Yes it is hurtful, but he was probably slightly peeved that you walked in without waiting for permission. It's not your bedroom, you don't have that right.

    3) Teasing is teasing - he probably doesn't realize it upsets you. I would tell you to tell him it upsets you, but it seems that in this instance, you need to grow a second skin,

    4) How do you know your mum pays most of the bills? How do you know your mum is only with him for the money he makes? As for the cleaning/food preperation - that's your mum's choice, nobody has a gun in her back. You could help out around the house.

    Doctors work long hours, often in high pressured enviroments - and without any real proof that your mum pays all the bills (he may be transferring money into her bank account for his share of those bills without you knowing).

  • 5 years ago

    This is abuse. Live with your dad or grandmother. Your mum is putting that creep before you Sweety. So sorry! Your dad will protect you maybe if you tell him. So sorry! Don't let anyone treat you badly. You can report him.

  • 8 years ago

    you moms bf means nothing to you.. hes simply her boyfriend thats it.. sweety ... i think you shoudl talk to your dad about his attitude towards you because he has absolutely no right to treat you that way... and next time remind him that hes not yoru father and that hes only your moms bf... and remind yoru mother of that too the nextt ime he tries to go off on you kids...... its your house... not his...

  • 8 years ago

    He ia just jelly of you, you are beautiful

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    i can't answer your question but i think you should talk to your mom about him.and tell her how you feel about him and what he tells you.

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