Does anyone else think The Beatles are overrated?

I have always had an issue with how highly people perceive The Beatles. I have never met a person with any true understanding of music who views The Beatles as anything less than astonishing. It seems as though they are held in such high regards that no one seems to challenge the idea that perhaps they were not the greatest band to ever exist. Before I get attacked for just not understanding or trolling let me state that I do respect The Beatles. With the exception of Ringo, the band was exceptionally talented and do deserve respect. I understand that the majority of artist who came about after The Beatles drew heavy influence from them. I can also say that Harrison, McCartney, and Lennon were fantastic song writers, and I would easily place Paul McCartney on my list of the top 10 bassists in existence. However, with all this being said I can count on one hand the number of songs by The Beatles I actually enjoy listening to.

Here are my complaints with them. First of all they experimented with their style too much. I know this is something people commend The Beatles for, but it makes me detest them. They were very successful in transitioning from British-pop to deeper more technically complicated music. They mastered every genre of music they attempted to play, but I personally prefer bands that have a consistent style. The second flaw that crawls under my skin are Paul McCartney's atrociously teeny-bopper lyrics. I know he is supposed to be the least appreciated lyricist in the band being trumped by Lennon's iconic status, but in reality being more profound and subtle in his writing. However, I feel his subtlety was done in in such a way that his lyrics almost have a silly child-like quality to them. Yet again, I know, he wrote deep meaningful lyrics such as "Blackbird," but his stylistic choices just turn me off. A final point I would like to make, just to keep this short is the matter that they are definitively considered the greatest band of all time. This one may be sort of cheap, but I feel it is an adequate argument against their status. With the consistent praise The Beatles receive, it almost belittles other artists who came around the same time and after. To think that in the 43 years since their end that not a single artist has risen up to equal or surpass their talent is absurd.

I for one fall into the camp that argues that The Rolling Stones, despite following The Beatles religiously for the early part of their career, are the superior band. For one, their style was much more consistent and has a distinct ability to get you blood pumping and just make you feel way too manly for your own good. In terms of their lyrics; The Stones have some deeper meaningful lyrics in their repertoire with songs such as "Dead Flowers," but more importantly they have balls out rock anthems that are exciting. I can't name a single song The Beatles had that makes me want to jump around and have a good time. And finally, though they get a huge amount of recognition, I have never heard any critic argue that they are the greatest band of all time.

However this is not about how The Rolling Stones are better than The Beatles, but rather questioning the status of The Beatles. What I want to know is if anyone thinks The Beatles are over-appreciated like I do, and if so what bands do you think are better and in what ways?

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    This is one of the few "Why the Beatles?" questions I actually bother to answer. I won't say I agree with you on most of it, but you're at least not ranting and raving like some others (from either side, admittedly) tend to do. You focused more on the status than taking potshots, and you do raise some pretty good points about them not exactly being the "best." And I do like the Stones as well, so you're not alone on that.

    But I think for the fanbases, there's some other things to take into account. The Beatles aren't at the top in some people's books because they did things better than everyone else, or even tried to. It's more an emotional connection people feel with the songs; whether it was one of the first they heard, or got them through a tough time, or brought back their own personal memories. Yes, you could argue the same for any band, only in their time the Beatles were more mainstream -the "Beatlemania" happened at the right place at the right time to make them world-famous. They were the among the first groups that people from the 60's generation and beyond were introduced to, so that allowed them to carry on.

    As far as my own opinion outside the other fans, I'm saying they're my favourites. I like the guys, their humor, the experimenting. Even Paul's lyrics and Ringo's drumming (and we'll agree to differ on those fronts). I love it all, and I've listened to them since I was 6 so that may be a bias.

    But I never try to get into arguments that they're the "best" - I don't take it lying down when people seem to slag off the members for no good reason (other people, not meaning you), but I'm not one of those all-out "fans" who feels it necessary to say that no one else will ever be more musically gifted and make a bigger impact in future. There's defending a band, and then there's flat-out being close-minded to everything else yet to come.

    Even some of the guys in interviews themselves said it wasn't fair to other groups in the 60's, 70's, and beyond up to now, to say that nothing would ever be better than the Beatles: "They've argued the same thing for years before us, and then there comes along another act. Every generation has its 'best group' that nothing can top, but it's always the same pattern. But that's good, and I can't wait for the next generation of kids."

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    They're wayyyyy overrated, don't get me wrong they're a very good musical group bit personally I think rock bands like Queen or Led Zeppelin are better. I don't understand why they're called the greatest rock band of all time

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    Just because you don't like them does not make them less important.

    I've always felt about the Stones what you feel about the Beatles. They're OK, but their music doesn't do all that much for me. So what? who cares?

    your comment on the absurdity that no one has surpassed them in 43 years is an indictment of the pop music business in general. Most R&P acts of today don't know squat about writing music or playing their instruments, most of them are recycling what they've heard others do, and the industry uses a rear-view mirror to choose the acts that they attempt to elevate to star status.

    Source(s): Yet another vote FOR the Beatles from a pro musician with music degree and decades of paid performance and teaching experience.
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    8 years ago

    No they are not over rated!They get rated the "Greatest Band Of All Time" because they earned it!I I am not about to read the novel you put here.So for you and all the other people that are just jealous of them you will just have to get over it!Don't know if you were around when they were together?You are more than likely just another one of the many that follow the crowd and like whom or what ever person or group that is getting their 15 minutes of fame only to forget about them when the next in thing comes along!

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    8 years ago

    How can music be overrated? It's percieved differently by every person. Whether or not you like the Beatles doesn't change their influence on music.

  • 8 years ago

    Till like, last month I used to have no opinion on them whatsoever, and all it took was listening to about 3 songs and now I'm essentially hooked.

    Source(s): the fact that they aren't overrated
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  • Wonkey
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    8 years ago

    No way! i love The Beatles, they are legendary.

    Asking questions about classic rock bands being overrated is overrated.

  • Nick
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    8 years ago

    The are overrated...**** th beatles and any wh likes hacks at the best...the only thing thet got rite was doing drugs

  • Peepaw
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    8 years ago

    I certainly don't think they are overrated.

    One of the beat bands ever.

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