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ALL Type B leukemia in children?

My 7year old sister has been diagnosed with Type B leukemia, to my knowledge it is also referred to as ALL? she started Chemo right away, the night they found out what it was. I'm presently in another state and cannot be there with them. What is it? What is it doing to her body? how is it going to be fixed? what can I do to help her? is it possible to donate my bone marrow to her if need be? how can they get her white blood cell and platelet count to go up?

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    ALL is a cancer of a type of white blood cell called a lymphocyte that lives in the bone marrow, if the lymphocyte became cancerous in the lymph nodes it would be a lymphoma. Cancer normally causes many many, poorly functioning cells to be formed. There is only so much space in the bone marrow (the place where blood cells are made) and because the mutation has caused so many lymphocytes to be made in the bone marrow other cells such as red cells, normal white cells and platelets haven't got the room to grow (although this is rather incorrect, it works for this explanation).

    Chemotherapy causes ALL dividing cells to be killed, but as cancer cells are constantly dividing it affects them the most and aims to eradication the malignant cells. Only when these cells decrease can normal cell production resume.

    In the meantime, patients are given red cell and platelet transfusions to keep everything ticking over. The best type of donation is from a sibling (though it's not guaranteed that you will be a match) as your cells will provide a "graft versus leukaemia" effect that increases the chance of remission. But these transplants are also riskier than an autologous (transplant of the patients own cells) in some ways as the patient may reject the marrow.

    Luckily for your sister, children who get ALL have better chances of surviving than adults with a 88% 5 year survival rate in children. And girls have a better chance at survival than boys, so it's looking good. But other factors (ask your parents about cytogenetics ) can give a prediction about how serious the disease is.

    I work in haematology and all too often see people needlessly die because they couldn't get a bone marrow transplant. It's a terrible thing and doesn't need to happen. The best thing you can do (even better than raising money for leukaemia charities) is to raise awareness about donating bone marrow. All you need to do is sign up, give blood/spit in a tube and then you are on the register for anyone whose life you may be needed to save one day. Best of luck

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    hi, you extremely opt for to envision with the medical doctors who've been treating her. there is distinct education on the internet yet attempting to comprehend what it means is not user-friendly. each and each case could be distinct. One table shows a 40 to 60% survival fee for bone marrow transplant sufferers after 6 years. The graph is flat at that factor , so it means that if you're making it 6 years you are able to stay a lengthy time period after that. They dont have a tendency to discuss remedies with maximum cancers . They discuss remissions , relapses and survival rates. From the stuff on the internet it form of feels a particular form of bone marrow transplant has the proper fix rates. The health practitioner delivers you with a extra perfect information of the ailment, and any regulations there could be for the destiny. good success in spite of you ensure. Dont be ashamed in case you ensure that you cant marry the lady. it truly is amazingly complicated to cope with that variety of project at a extremely youthful age . Do try although to be there for her as a chum .

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