Would you consider this IM Bundle to be worth the 17.00?

The website address is http://im-bundle.mysuperaffiliatestore.com and Im just wandering if you think whats within the bundle is worth the 17.00?

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  • Jake
    Lv 7
    7 years ago
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    Your Justin Ripley?

    Wish I could solve all of my problems for $17, it's a bit of a hodgepodge, looks like the core is content elements, with how to bonuses. in some cases bonuses are lower quality PLR material they got for very little. It might be more authentic to make it solution to a specific problem, realistically people end up getting a variety of material and don't expect an all in one answer for that price.

    You can find lots of material in that price range, some with better focused themes at:


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