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Apa ada aplikasi android buat nambahin RAM/Storage atw Internal Memory?

Hp androidku RAMnya cman 500mb , jdi klo ngedownload applikasi blum lma sudah ‘Storage full‘. Kadang malah app nya udah di move ke SD card tpi mgkin krna aplikasi yg lain gak bsa dipindahin jadi ttp aja storage full.

Mohon kasih tahu apa ada aplikasi yang dpt kasih free memory space, atau cara lain yg bsa nolonging.

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    dont know what language that is...

    but sounds like you are low on internal memory...

    move what you can to the SD card... then uninstall some of the apps that can not be moved to the SD card...

    also some of the pre-installed apps can not be uninstalled, but you can uninstall all updates and delete application data for these apps...

    but you probably have a low end android phone with little internal memory.. it may be time to upgrade to a more expensive model with more internal storage...

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    Bahasa Inggris hanya di sini, silakan

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