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different kind of prepositioin


1、There are different kind of preposition.

2 、There are different kinds of preposition.

3、There are different kinds of prepositions.

4、There are different kind of prepositions.

請問那個才對啊? 謝謝!!

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    The key is "kind". Depending upon what you use "kind" for:

    (a)If "kind" means "a group of individuals or instances sharing common traits" (種類 or 類 or 族), then you would like to use "kinds".

    (b)If "kind" means "essential nature or character" (性質, 本質), then you use "kind".

    As far as "preposition" is concerned, it would naturally go with "kind". For case (a) you use prepositions, for case (b), you use preposition. However, it can still have the other two you have listed

    case (a); "kinds of prepositions" is to talk about types (種類) of prepositions:

    1. Simple prepositions

    2. Compound prepositions

    3. Double prepositions

    4. Participle prepositions

    5. Phrase prepositions

    case (b); "kind of preposition" is to talk about the nature (性質) of the preposition.

    Therefore, all 4 cases you have can be correct depending upon the meaning of them. However, "kinds of prepositions" and "kind of preposition" are more intuitive in meaning. "kind of prepositions" means "(all) prepositions' essential properties". "kinds of preposition" means types of "preposition" (as ONE big group). I know, this last one is not that reasonable, because it shall be "kinds of prepositions". After all, we shall talk about ALL the prepositions, not just the term "preposition".

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    Sorry! I forgot to talk about "there are/is".

    for "kinds of prepositions" and "kinds of preposition", you use "there are", because "kinds" means "種類" and in plural form.

    for "kind of preposition" and "kind of prepositions", you use "there is", because "kind" means "性質" and in singular form.

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    由於題目用了There are, 所以沒有DSG大大所說的第二種kind.

    唯一正解是3, 因為兩個字都是普通名詞.

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