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煩請指導 "合作" 的用法




請問諸位先進, 這些字如何使用 ?


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    Cooperation (co-operate) means working with another or other persons to accomplish a goal. (in a supportive way, may not physically involve)Collaboration (co-labor) means actually working alongside someone to achieve something. (actually physical involvement)

    These two words are very close to each other. cooperation can be passive or non-interfering and collaboration is active. Here is a link that compare these two words' relationship and difference.


    Synergy is the working together of two (or more) things to produce a result greater than the sum of their individual effects. Therefore, it is ONE person to work on two (or more) things, not cooperating or collaborating with other people. For example, the cocktail treatment for AIDS patients, it combines different kinds of available medication to fight the virus instead of just one individual drug.

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    Dear DSG master,

    Thank you very much for your instruction.

    After reading your words and Wiki's explanation, I have fully understood the difference among them presently.

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    ◇合作部门 sectors of operation; 合作合同 co-operative contract; 合作化 establishment of cooperatives; collectivization; 合作经济 cooperative economy; cooperative sector of the economy; 合作经营 cooperative business operation; 合作目标 cooperative target; 合作企业 cooperative enterprise; 合作商店 cooperative shop; cooperative store; 合作通信 cooperative communication; 合作制 cooperation; cooperatives; cooperative societies


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