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JM asked in SportsBasketball · 8 years ago

Who agrees that this is one of the 10 best and funniest TNT Inside the NBA's of all time?


I don't know what got into these guys tonight, but they're on fire tonight! They had me cracking up non-stop. They were just dogging EVERYBODY tonight and ANYONE was fair game lol, from Charles, to refs, to players, to even little kids in stands.

They started dogging Charles for getting his eyebrows waxed and C-Webb started doing his lips, Shaq started doing his eyebrows, and Kenny did his nails mocking him. Then Shaq got knocked down and put into the camel clutch by Kevin (backstage crew member). They started cracking on that kid picking his nose during the game. Their Shaqtin and fool was hilarious and once again Javale Mcgee is the butt of the joke and star of Shaqtin a fool. I swear that guy can't catch a break with the TNT crew. They crack on him EVERY week lol.

Amazing show tonight. One of the best i've ever seen. They brought it tonight. Can't wait for the re-run tomorrow morning on NBA TV. Great stuff once again lol.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I thought I was the only one who was laughing nonstop I had trouble breathing after that lmao

  • depace
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    4 years ago

    Yeah, EJ, Kenny, and Charles are hilarious! i desire the Rockets do not bypass fishing. lol NBA television is nice too! they have complete length submit interest interviews. TNT in elementary terms has time to offer you a seem in into the clicking convention.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    . Yea Shaq was really funny last night. one of the best of all time

  • MM
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    8 years ago

    It was hilarious!

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