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Does tattoo and piercing sound a sin to you?

i'm asking this question because i feel it as an permanent sin

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    The Israelites were forbidden to engage in this practice, one that was common among some other ancient peoples. For example, there were times when the Egyptians tattooed the names or symbols of their deities on their breast or arms.

    By complying with Jehovah’s law not to disfigure their bodies, the Israelites would have stood out as different from other nations. The prohibition would also have impressed upon them a proper respect for the human body as God’s creation, to be used in honoring him. Ps 100:3; 139:13-16; Ro 12:1.

    Since Jesus was a Jew he would not have had a tattoo, he would have been breaking God's law if he had a tattoo.

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    Piercing the body is not honoring the body. It's mutilation to me. Causing harm to yourself or anyone else is a sin.

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    It is no exist clear expressions that clasify T. and P. as sins. But accordind religious principles Gods servants have apperance worthy a name "Gods servants".

    ps/ Italians say- "Where the sun does not enter, the physician

    must; "

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    no its not a sin. but its should be a sin to ask half of these fools on here anything

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    It can definitely be a sin depending on ones motives.

    However all sins are completely forgiven when you put your faith into Jesus Christ.

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    Yes, to change the natural use into that which is against nature is sin.

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    You asking a crowd of adulterers murderers and fornicators ?

    Best place to ask would be Bible.

    God said : You shall not make any cuts on your body.

    Tattoos are microscopic cuts.

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    It is a sin in the Christian faith

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    The body is a temple of God. And I'm sure he doesn't like graffiti on temple walls.

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