Why is my probation officer mean to me?

Ok, here it is... I am a 26 year old single mom of two kids, with one on the way. I found out I was pregnant, and wanted to get a transfer to NY where my mother is. I have no family where I live now, (North Carolina) and my closest relative is in Pennsylvania/ I am not looking to run away from my probation, and if I could pay off my probation, I would. But my probation officer told me she wouldn't grant me a transfer, even though I pregnant, and have no family or support here, until I pay off my probation. I've been trying my hardest to pay my minimum payments every month, but being single with no child support is hard. I owe $4000 for something I didn't do. (Thats what happens when you get a court appointed lawyer... ) Do you think it would be a good idea to take this issue up with her supervisor? Will this invoke anger in my probation officer? I need my family right now, and dont know what else to do. My credit is crappy (due to my ex husband) and I'm not getting much back for my taxes. What do I do????

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    Probation Officer Means

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    Remember this could be worse. Probation is a sentence, just like jail. It's not required that you're given probation instead of going to jail. Regardless of what you're saying about whether or not you did the crime, you were either convicted by a jury of your peers or you plead guilty to that or a lesser crime.

    Now you're on probation. This is your way of paying the debts and serving time for your crime. It's far better than jail, because you're not incarcerated against your will and can still go home and enjoy a lot of things while being supervised and checked in on by your probation officer.

    Your probation officer's job is to make sure you are following through on your probation. Probation really can't be transferred. Your debts go to the state you committed the crime in, and your probation officer is funded by taxes in that same state, not in Pennsylvania. If you transferred there, that state would need to be willing to start paying someone to supervise you. If you violated your probation, you would have to be extradited back to your current state to deal with whatever the issue was.

    What you're asking for just isn't reasonable. This is one of the downsides of being convicted or pleading guilty to a crime. It's extremely inconvenient, but so was the associated crime for someone else.

    Finish out your probation, pay your fines, and see if someone in your family can come to you and help instead.

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    Get your Mom to contact your probation officer with a plan for why living with her is a better choice for you. The probation department may have a policy of never transferring cases unless all fees are paid. If that does not work, one recourse is the sentencing judge. You may need to get an attorney to intercede on your behalf. If that is not possible, schedule a meeting with your PO and her Supervisor to see what can be done to get your probation supervision transferred.

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    I would ask to meet with the probation officer and her supervisor. Take in the records of what you've paid so far. Get some kind of letter or something from your mother, saying she will help you with your children if you move in with her. Also, think about what work skills you have, and print out a copy of work sites from Monster.com in NY, showing that you could get a job there. Offer to write a promissory note to your probation office, stating that if you're allowed to transfer, you will pay a certain amount to them each month. You should apply for AFDC and other programs that will help you get food and things for your children, and also if your ex is working, try to get his wages garnished for child support. If he's not the father of this latest child, go after that child's father for support. It's always a hard situation when there are children involved. It won't hurt to give it a shot. Good luck to you.

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    A single mum with another on the way, I guess that just about sums up your whole life so far. Its not your fault I suppose, so it has to be someone else to blame.You went to court, found guilty and were sentenced, not to jail but probation, Whose fault was that?. You can either finish up your probation or you could go to jail instead, which do you prefer?.

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    Your probation officer is not thinking about your best interest so the only thing that you can do is go to her supervisor because she is leaving you no choice and what do you really have to lose?

    I would go to her supervisor and roll the dice there is nothing else that you can do ok

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    Uh......cuz you're a criminal??

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