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Why do schools teach 1 through 10 on the number line?

Now I know that not every single school in the U.S is teaching 1 through 10 on a number line to students. Just from what I know from little kids they were taught it that way.

Why is it not 0 through 10 instead.

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    until the 1300s in Europe they did not understand Zero was a number. it has special properties

    the Indian Mathematicians discovered ( invented it) the Arbs learned it about 900 AD

    we cannot do math without it. counting 1,2...10 is just naming groups of stones

    to picture a number it is much better to use a line |------> where the | start is zero and the > is the number

    this way you can learn about many different properties of numbers

    it should be 0,1,2,...9 . the ten is NOT a new symbol it is the one zero symbol side by side

    ten is 9 + 1 which does NOT have a symbol of its own.

    review "roman numerals I, II, III, IV, V, VI...X (X is the ten) C is 100 etc. it is a very very difficult way to multiply and almost impossible to divide

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    Because no one counts up from zero. We start at one like normal human beings.

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