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What to do without a subscription for wizard101?

I'm level 63 on wizard101, and working on zafaria. I don't plan on getting another membership card for at least another week, so is there anything you suggest I could do until I get one?

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    There's many things you can do without membership at that level.

    1. Housing

    2. Planting

    3. Practice PvP

    4. Farming for rare gear (Really fun)


  • 8 years ago

    Well if you only plan on playing a game that is like wiz101 for free for a week or two the I say you should play World of Warcraft which is free till level 20 which is some what hard to get to if you are new or you could play Runescape I don't like it as much as WoW but it is a fun short time game the graphics in Runescape aren't as good or as cool or have a story line like WoW does but it is still fun. Hope this helped :)

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