i think there might be some thing wrong with my laptop?

after a while that i got my laptop,my "Internet Explorer" started to get slower and slower,and i tried to find things that that would help with that and all i found was stuff you had to register for,which then come with a cost,and i found out paying for stuff to try and get rid of malicious software is a scam,my PC already came with a windows defender,but it's not getting rid of every thing,and pretty soon i got google chrome but soon after that,i got a system message saying that "Internet Explorer has gone corrupted"and when i first got my laptop i got this update called "HP Quick Web configuration tool" which is what i'm using right now,and so i use google chrome but then it started to get slower,and found "SpeedItUp free and i still really don't see a speed diffrence,and now every time i open google chrome,at the top where the tab is,it will say "Untitled" unless i'm hooked up to the DSL we have,i'm not sure how i'm going to be able to fix this,because if there down and you can't save a thing on the HP Quick web configuration tool,unless you got a device to connect to it,which,i have to MP3's, i just don't know,can you help me out?


Sorry about the big block of words,Let me try to make this more understandable,any body who has the "HP Quick Web Configuration Tool" would know you can't save any thing from the internet,that would include downloading and installing,what i was trying to say is,My google chrome was acting funny,I mean just second after i got done using it (no i did not close on any thing important),I went to get back on and it was having issues,I do not know if i have malware bytes,i'am using a "Windows 7 laptop starter edition",I just updated my HP assitant for 2013 about 3 days ago,Thinking that maybe thats why it would'nt go online,Wrong-o,still not going through,the best way i was able to use "Google chrome" was on DSL,and i can't download any thing on there if if it won't even go through,but that does not mean this problem is un-fixable,got any suggestions? internet connection is not a problem,i can find good spots for that,and please note:from a d

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  • Sara
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    Aaron, I read all of that big block of text and find that I really don't understand. It isn't structured very well and goes in circles.

    So I have questions. When you ask questions here on Yahoo about computers it is very helpful to tell us what kind of computer you have along with the processor type and how much ram you have and the operating system - such as Windows xp, or 7 or whatever. That is very important.

    So...answer all of that.

    And - how many windows do you open at one time? How many programs are you running at the same time? If you hit ctrl,alt, and delete at the same time and open the task manager it will show you how many programs are running. When you install programs like quicktime or divx or bitcomet or whatever they will automatically startup when you start your computer and run in the background to be 'ready' when you want to use them. Shut them down. Let me be clear about something tho - do NOT end the task on something if you don't know what it is. When you end the task on unnecessary stuff - does the computer speed up?

    Do you have malwarebytes? If not - download it and run a scan. Get the free version.

    and finally - big blocks of text are bad. use paragraphs for different subjects or points. k?

  • 4 years ago

    properly, i don't understand what to show you how to already know. first of all in no way sparkling A LAPTOPS visual reveal unit WITH something different than a moist PAPER TOWEL! the component to the visual reveal unit this is screwed up has had a number of th coating burned off of it by using tough chemical components interior the windex.

  • 8 years ago

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