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trying to find a movie I believe tiffani thiessen is in it?

The movie is about a couple and the wife (tiffani thiessen) wants a baby and her husband kills a girl for her baby by giving her a ride one day and her baby is in the back seat he then kills the girl and the baby has glass in her carrier from when he smashed the mom against the window I think, anyway he takes the baby home to his wife telling her that a young girl gave her up for adoption, later the wife ( tiffani ) finds out something is wrong and finds out what her husband has done, later at the end of the movie she has given the baby back to her real father and they are at the park and the little girl is on a swing and the wife(tiffani) gives her a neckless thay says my little angle or something like that, im not sure but I think the girl the husband killed was the wife of a cousin or family friend

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    check her out on imdb, and see if that helps any--

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    7 years ago

    Search on the google.

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  • 7 years ago

    a stranger beside me?

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