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Japanese animation vs american animation?

I grew up with both as a kid, now i am still watching some mature ones, mostly japanese though now..

These days american ones have gotten kinda retarded, the only recent good one was avatar last airbender, it was actually too good!

What ur experiences of both?

Also please no racism, america and japan are friends now, not war enemies anymore.

Thank you

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    Well, you have to look at the amount of animation produced.

    Japan churns out about 33 NEW anime titles a season. 4 seasons a year mean 132 new animations a year. How many new animations does America churn out a year? Maybe 3? Obviously Japan has more opportunities to make anime geared towards a wider audience than the US.

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    American animation is of better art quality, lots of different styles and methods. Love it. Most do tend to have stupid plots though since the majority are aimed at kids and kid shows in America are over-censored nowadays, but they aren't all bad.

    Japanese animation is produced quicker, so there's a lot of cut corners, the backgrounds are often traced/copy-pasted and the character art tends to be weak frame by frame, they all seem to use the same method and just different variations of the same style. It gets old. That said, the stories often tend to be more "grown-up" which is nice. I'll ignore a crappy art style so long as the story is good.

    Source(s): If I think about it, they probably produce the same amount of crappy versus entertaining shows on average. Only the American ones seem to really only be entertaining by being "stupid funny", whereas Japanese animation actually pulls off real action or horror more often. Both can be entertaining when done well.
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    Both because their animated. Examples: DBZ & Spiderman: The Animated Series (90's)

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