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英文這樣搭配顏色很 "跳 tone "

這樣搭配顏色很 "跳 tone "

最近常聽到這句話。請教各位先進,這該如何說 ?


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    所謂"跳 tone", 就是與原來的感覺或格調不相同或不搭嘎, 英文可用out of tone來表達.

    這樣搭配顏色很 "跳 tone"

    Such a color collocation looks way out of tone.

    Such a color collocation goes quite beyond association.

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    "跳tone"未必是一個瑕疵, 也可能是刻意營造的效果, 所以我覺得不宜用表示瑕疵的負面形容詞awkward, mismatching, incoherent, inharmonious, discordant等來表達.

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    "跳tone"是中文的slang, 帶一點幽默口吻, 如用在正式場合並不是當.

    他是借自音樂領域的突兀音色(tone)或音調(tune), 例如原本是輕柔和諧的合唱, 突然

    出現一小段尖銳油滑的唱腔, 就是"跳tone",

    "跳tone"未必是一個瑕疵, 也可能是刻意營造的效果, 所以我覺得不宜用表示瑕疵的負

    面形容詞awkward, mismatching, incoherent, inharmonious, discordant等來表達.

    "跳tone"借喻的字詞就是tone, 所以用out of tone或off tone應較能表達.

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    從音樂借喻到色彩, 甚至借喻到一般事物的調性突然變化, 都可使用"跳tone"這個流行俚語.

    Source(s): 羅莉 : 會話+語感
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    我會翻成:color hopping。

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    My dear DSG master, thank;s for this link.

    After clicking, I found the response there is for Chinese only.

    Nevertheless, the word I prefer to learn is for English.

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    Per my personal idea, I think "跳 tone" is using the color contrast to show up the main subject.

    Like the background is black, but we put a red or white color in the central, then the central portion would be spotted like highlighted.

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    so, in one word, 跳 tone is good for expression ?

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    Good day Pastor,

    How come you use one leg to hop ?

    Two leg's jump will be farther.

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    羅莉大師的說法, 不才深表認同。

    跳 tone 一辭並沒有負面的意思, 而是一種突兀表現的手法。

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    please refer to this link:


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    Sorry! I thought you want to know the Chinese meaning, and I am not able to type Chinese, so I found a link for you.

    To me,

    if it is used to describe color, "inharmonious" might be acceptable.

    if it is used to describe sound, "discordant" is a possible way to express.

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    if it is to describe someone's speech, you can use "incoherence".

    I think, to use English to describe "跳 tone", it will depend upon the situation.

    2013-01-24 13:51:42 補充:

    Of course, these English words are not as "attractive" as "跳 tone". After all, "跳 tone" takes the advantage of both languages.

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