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Best large camp knife?

Hey guys! I was wondering, what's the best large camp knife (At least 10") for under $50?

I am starting to go backpacking a lot more, and carrying both a separate hatchet and a sheath knife can get really heavy.

Right now, I have a really nice Ka-bar, custom made Kalashnikov bayonet, seal team elite, among an other plethora of fantastic knives.

I would never do super heavy tasks with the nice knives I have.

I'm looking for a stupidly strong, durable full tang blade, that can chop, baton, dig, and do any other job that would be required of it. I'd prefer a really thick knife, and a solid polymer scabbard would be a plus.

Any thoughts? I d prefer for the knife to be under $50, so that if it does happen to break, it is at least replaceable.

Anyway, thanks in advance!!

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    I am a fan of Kabar knives. The ones I have owned are well made with quality materials and have stood up to rigorous use. I still have my Grandpa's from WWII; was my primary bush knife until about 8 years ago when I realized how much it was worth as a vintage collectible. I now carry a modern USMC knife as my primary bush knife. It is bigger than what many folks use or would recommend, but I have been using this design my whole life, so it just feels right and familiar.

    I am sure someone on here will comment about how all you need is a multi-tool. A well made multitool will handle most of your tasks, but I like a fixed blade knife for many chores. It comes down to personal preference.

    I'm not sure what Kabar knife you own, but the USMC knives are available for around your price range. Are made of 1095 steel so they hold a good edge, and can last for dang near forever if you treat it like a knife and not like a piece of rebar in the hands of a chimpanzee. You can get a Kydex sheath for the Kabar for a few extra bucks. IT is made specifically for the knife and is a functional piece of kit.

    Here's the link for the basic USMC:

    You can find the kydex sheath and other versions (serrated, composite handle, shorter, etc.), but this is the basic model.

    From the same brand is the Kabar Becker Companion. Another solid knife with a more bushcraft design (vs. the USMC 'fighter' design). Here it is on Amazon:

    Right in your price range and a quality knife.

    From another maker, Gerber, is their Prodigy knife. For under $50.00, you get the economy version of the well respected LMFII (the LMFII retails for closer to $80.00). The knife has many of the same features as it's more expensive kin, but you get a more basic sheath and slightly less robust hilt. Otherwise, a quality knife. It IS 420-HC steel. I am told 420-HC is very similar to 440C. 440C is a respected cutlery steel for general purpose blades. It is the best of the 440 steels (the cheapest is 440A, then 'B', then 440C). 420-HC is supposed to rival the 440C. I think 440C is still better, but the differences are negligible in practical applications. Still, 1095 will serve you better, but is more expensive.

    Here's the link to the Gerber Prodigy:

    I hope that helps. I am not the kind of guy that likes to beat up on expensive, beautiful blades. To me, a practical, well designed, no frills tool is a beautiful (or more so) than some elaborate pieces of 'art'. Same sort will see a pick-up truck as beautiful and more desirable than a Corvette...who am I kidding, I'd still take the Corvette, but only with a pick-up truck to drive the other 6 days of the week.

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    I make knives like this all the time. That being said, $50 doesn't even cover the cost of the materials and shop supplies. You might look around for a "take down 'hawk". I make these from old files and the head is designed to come off the handle and be packed away. There are other designs out there.

    Now if you want a knife capable of pulling a 65lb vise off a work bench, chopping through a 2x4 3 times and still make a slicing cut through a piece of rope then we can talk. For 50 you'll get a piece of junk 420 stainless blade that too soft to hold an edge and will break.

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  • I have one of these,it's a machete but it comes in handy for camping,it's a badass knife.

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  • 7 years ago if you've already looked at one of those how about one of these from Wally world

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