STP? Chemistry help...........?

1030.4 mL of C2H6 gas at STP = ? grams

I have an idea about how to do this but I dont think its right, so if anyone could help that would be amazing!

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  • Harley
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    8 years ago
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    Ideal gas law:

    PV = nRT

    Where P is pressure, V is volume, n is moles of gas,

    R is gas constant, and T is temperature

    n = PV/ RT

    Conditions of STP:

    273 Kelvin, 101.3 kPa

    Set up:

    n = (101.3kPa)(1.0304L)/ (8.314 L - kPa/ K*mol)(273K)

    n = 0.04599 moles C2H6

    Convert to grams:

    0.04599 moles x 30.069g/ mol = 1.383 grams C2H6 at STP

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