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Hotel wifi doesn't redirect?

Ok so my laptop wifi works fine at home but both at work, where the wifi pops up with a request for the password, and at this hotel I'm at, which is supposed to do the same thing, it doesn't work.

The problem is it says its connected but the automatic redirect to enter the hotels pass code never happens. I've tried accessing a few different sites to make it pop up but it just doesn't. How do I fix this? Is there another way I can enter the password?

I have a toshiba satellite with windows 7 installed and have tried with chrome and explorer.

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    There doesn't seem to be a uniform method to these hotel systems.

    Call the front desk and ask for details.

    Does your WiFi detect anything?

    A word of caution:

    While it may be encrypted (if your WiFi says it is), you may be required to accept the hotel's "Certificate".

    If your browser accepts that item, the router can decrypt your traffic and see all you're doing.

    Examine the pedigree of any certificates you're getting and see who's in the chain.

    You might want to keep in mind this de-cloaking nature, and restrict your browsing to general work.

    Trust no one.

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