Is it legal to kick a student out of a club unjustly?

I have been recently been kicked out of my FRC team, (FRC is a robotics competition, I'll post a link) i was kicked out by the teacher sponsor who had a direct order from the principal to kick out all people who didn't go to the school.

this is the story

last year, i was in the team with out a problem since my school(Libra Academy was on the same campus as the big school( Huntington Park High School). since Libra Academy moved to a new location because LAUSD told us to, HPHS is not allowing me to be in the FRC team.

some of the people in the team were telling me that it was legal for a student to go to another school if their school didn't offer something, and that is exactly my case. however, the principal is not allowing anyone from my school to join the FRC team.

is it legal for a principal to do that?

what can i do to fight it?

can my parents file a law suit for depriving a student of an education?

i also heard something about filing a lawsuit to title 9, but im not sure what that is.

any help is really appreciated, thanks.

Update 2:

i didnt ask for any smart *** answers, i really need help here...

Update 3:

i also forgot to mention that its not just me, there's about 15 people that they kicked out.

Update 4:

maybe i should also mention that we still use the same school code, and that there is some students from their school in my school's clubs. i just want to know if there is anything i can do right now

2 Answers

  • 7 years ago

    Sure, go ahead and spend thousands of dollars to hire a lawyer to take on the team of lawyers that the school board has on retainer.

  • You don't belong to that school they do not have to allow you to participate in school events. End of story, there is not the slightest cause for a complaint here.

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