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Why is weed illegal in the United States?

I am doing a paper on why weed should be legal and why is what illegal in the first place and when?

AND can you give me an emotional reason why marijuana should be legal?

Thank you

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    My Goodness! What a great question!

    Marijuana is illegal in the United States and plenty of other countries for a few reasons, and believe you me, NONE of them have anything to do with your health!

    The Primary Reason that the US has this stupid law is to keep the countries that produce it economically repressed. Think how rich Mexico or Columbia would be if they could legally sell marijuana in this country?

    And of course the US Government could tax it, and get us the H*)) out of this horrific debt that we are in.. .but it is more important to keep the other countries DOWN!

    Believe me, marijuana is not harmfull to the average person, NOT AT ALL! Take that from one who was at Woodstock and went on to have a stellar career in technology!

    It is nothing other than CONTROL and OBEDIENCE! Yeah, bow to the Powers that Be, and shut up about it or go to jail!

    This "War on Drugs" has become a freekin Joke! A total waste of money, innocent people jailed and their lives ruined because they don't join in the effort to oppress the countries that produce it! And isn't it just too bad if you have to have chemo or have AIDS and Marijuana has been proven to ease your discomfort.. .Just too bad, because we have to keep those marijuana producing nations economically deprived.

    IF and that is a BIG IF, this government cared one hoot about your health, do you think they would do more to reduce the emmissions from cars, trucks and busses? But they really don't. NOPE! Just keep sucking up that gas and paying big prices, including your health!

    IF and this is another BIG IF, this government cared one bit about your health, we would have Universal Health Care!

    What they care about is oppressing 3rd world nations, and making you stay in line.. .go to work. . .struggle to pay your bills, etc.

    And if you are applying for a Student Loan to go to College, well you aren't eligible if you have a drug conviction! Yeah, you could murder somebody in cold blood and get a Student Loan.. .but not be caught with Pot. Now doesn't that make a whole lot of sense?

    Excess of anything is bad for you, that is for sure, but we are supposed to be a country of Personal Freedom, yet they make laws with severe penalties to control your personal behavour.

    My Best Friend has smoked pot everyday for years and years.. .but she doesn't over do it, and it has had no harmfull effect on her. When I am saying years and years, well we are talking about over 30 years that I know her.

    So know that these laws are made to oppress 3rd world nations and YOU the American Citizen, and for absolutely no other reason!

    The worst effect that marijuana can have on you is going to prison, and of course, the paranoia if you are doing it while you aren't in prison.

    In my opinion, we have no business having laws against marijuana.

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    The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 tried to make marijuana too costly to sell and the Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 made most drugs illegal. It was all based on misperceptions of weed as some sort of gateway drug to harder drugs, but you could argue Ritalin is the gateway drug to coke and meth. Drugs are mostly illegal bc they don't have patents and the pharmaceuticals want to create designer drugs with patents to make huge profits. There is no legitimate reason why weed should be outlawed and in Washington it's legal and many states medical weed is legal.

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    Having spent 2 years living with a complete stoner, I can attest to the fact that weed can turn people into dopey, mindless idiots. I can understand why a government wouldn't want their citizens to act and appear in this fashion. Productivity would most likely fall dramatically.

    But you could argue that alcohol also has the power to turn people into dopey, mindless idiots. Someone mentioned that you couldn't safely drive whilst stoned. A while back some scientists in the UK did an experiment in which they tested stoned drivers' reactions against clean drivers. Surprisingly there was no difference in reaction times. That being said, I would still never get in the passenger seat of a car being driven by someone smoking weed.

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    It was originally illegal because they thought it was harmful like any other drug. Now the government knows its not they still don't want to legalize it because they can't put a tax on it. I personally believe they should legalize it. I don't do it because I don't want to go to jail but all my peers do. Weed is a very peaceful drug. It opens your mind and calms you helping you think more. Opens up creativity. That's what my opinion and my friends.

    Source(s): My friends and I.
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    it is illegal because tobacco companies payed the government off to ban it, causing tobacco sales to go up. also, it was a VERY big part of african american culture. and during the 20's people were pissed off that blacks were getting more rights and they wanted to take away part of their culture by banning cannabis. and, some can drive a car fine while high. most people don't know their facts.

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    It is a mind and mood altering drug.

    If you are under the influence you can't drive a car properly.

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    There is a reason it is called "dope", liberal.

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