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is it o.k to remove the bandage,so the air can heal faster after partial toenail removal?

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    - - - bandages ???? - - - well first aid - initially on a bad injury you might apply a large field dressing so you may apply PRESSURE TO THE WOUND


    - - - the bandage is on your toe to prevent germs in the air from starting an infection

    - - - well I had one toe nail surgically removed - - - - it was in grown and bending inward and super painful and impossible to trim - - - the two sides were only like a 3 millimeters apart

    --- well I got that surgically removed

    - - the healing for me was really really really hard - - because - when the toenail was removed it left an open patch of raw meat - - which was about one inche square - - well they would put a bandage on it - - then the blood would soak into the bandage and then when the bandage was removed the ' SCAB ' was RIPPED off and I would be IN THE EXACT SAME SITUATION I STARTED that being an open patch of raw meat - - and they would put a bandage on it and the blood would soak in and dry up and form a scab and then when the bandage was changed the scab would be ripped over and this would repeat - - - I don't know what everyone was thinking because this happened about FOUR times in the row and the people some how thought that instead of happening every time some how one time instead of ripping the scab off some how some way next time the bandage would be changed and instead of ripping the scab off it would some how be healed

    - - - well I got really tired of this - - -

    - - - well for a small period of time I was a Reserve Army Medic

    - and I got to thinking about " sucking chest wounds " - - - and I remembered " making an O ring bandages "

    - - - when you have a sucking chest wound - - like a penetration into the chest - - penetrating the lung - - you put one dressing softly over the hole to keep it sterile and a piece of plastic or the sterile side of the package of a military shell dressing ------- then you make a circular tire tube like bandage using a triangular bandage - ( wrapping the triangular bandage inside itself until it looks just right and purddy - pretty ) -- so you have the one dressing softly over the hole ( and a piece of plastic or the sterile inside of a shell dressing package on top of that to make AIR TIGHT SEAL ) / / / then you place the o ring bandage around the hole //// then you put a third dressing softly over the o ring ///// fourthly you place shell dressings or any large bandages which can absorb lots of blood - - - then you apply gentle pressure




    well using a roll of gauge bandage - - I would make myself a small tiny tiny - - O - ring bandage - - - that fit snuggly over the toe - - - but would keep the bandage from touching the raw meat - - but still cover the raw meat ( but not touch the raw meat where the toenail used to be ) - - -- - this allowed the raw meat to form a scab - - a scab that would heal - - - a scab that would not be RIPPED OFF

    so you have an o ring bandage applied around where to toe nail used to be - - - on skin - - not on the wound - - so the o ring is AROUND THE WOUND - - - then you put a sterile pad over and o ring and over the wound - - - then you firmly bandage this to you toe

    - - - - one of the nurse's said my O ring thingy was quite clever

    - - - - so if all else fails try an tiny O ring bandage made out of a roll of guauze bandage - - -

    Size ??? How to make it ??? I can't tell you - - it is trial and error - - - - and you are a lady - - so you should you want to try an o ring - as I said - - being a lady with knitting and sewing and painting nails you should be able to make something easier and better off the cuff than I did

    but what I did worked

    ----- from my experience - - putting a bandage on that raw meat - - letting it heal and dry up into the bandage is just plain stupid - - - - - - - not good at all - - - -

    Source(s): well some times I so hate the internet - - I tried to google picture of an O ring bandage and I got this http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=201111... I don't do all that well with internet searches - - - but I just hope that I described my procedure well enough for you to do it - - - it sure beats putting the bandage on the wound / letting it soak in / and then ripping it off / situation
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    Your body heals from the inside out; the idea that air causes things to heal faster is a myth.

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