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who loves Chris Brown ?

i believe that Chris Brown is the best singer and a very good raper he is also the best dancer ever Micheal Jackson of course what is your favorite song and what do you like about him.

(no rude comment about if he's a woman better please because i will report you) thank you

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    I'm a big CB fan, but tbh, not as much as I used to be. Chris Brown; I get he's matured and grown up, but he matured in a bad way. His personality now is... I don't know how to explain, it's just not the old him. I do hope Rihanna and Chris do make this second chance worth it though. I do like his old music A LOT better than his DubStep and Techno/Pop tracks now like 'Bassline' or 'Turn Up The Music.' I like his old songs like, I Wanna Be, Just Fine, Ya Man Ain't Me, Run It... I liked Graffiti, it has a lot of emotion on that album. His album F.A.M.E had a lot of hits, but it's not my favorite album. In all honesty, Fortune is my least favorite album. His Rap skills are... OKAY. His punchlines, etc are alright. I wouldn't say he's all that lyrical with raps. My favorite album is probably his debut album, and Graffiti. A lot of CB friends want the old CB back, just like me. That's not gonna happen, CB grew up. He's changed. As of dancing, I wouldn't say he's the best dancer. If you look up other dancers/singers for example... 'Jay Park' or 'Daniel Jerome' I believe they would destroy CB in a dance battle. Just being honest. I'm a guy too, I do hate when people judge him for the past also.

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    I like Chris Brown. I'd "love him", if he loved me (or even knew I existed)! LOL

    I'd take a (nonfatal) bullet for Michael Jackson and would not compare him to many simply out of respect and love. Anyway, I really liked Chris Brown's first two albums and earlier unreleased tracks like "Whose Girl is That", "I May Never Find", and etc... Sadly, everything after Exclusive went downhill in my honest opinion. It really has nothing to do with his personal life.

    My all time favorite song is probably going to be Gimme That. But I pretty much like and know all the lyrics to every single song from his first two albums. :)

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