What do You think about my idea?

II'm planing to write pilot for teenage crime show. In pilot episode police investigates case of four teenage girls found shoot in wood near town. Three of them are dead. Fourth has amnesia. Three of them were friends. Fourth isn't linked to any of them. She is sent in hospital, known only as Jane Doe. She is puted in room next to girl who just got her blind intense removed, shows main protagonist and fan of fictional crime and mystery works, who starts working with her un other to solve case.

On the end it turns out their Math teacher was killer. He robed bank two weeks prior killing security guard in process, and hid money in old dumpster in ditch in wood. He heard, on school hallway, three of them talking to came to that spot that night in wood due to their biology project. He went there to took money and gun. His plan backfired when they came there early and saw him. He shoot them. Fourth girl was from abusive family and she was runing away from home. She was on wrong place in a wrong time. Teacher shoot her too and fleed, not knowing he left survivor behind. What do You think?

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    Well I think it sounds decent but make sure the characters' personalities stand out. Build up lots of suspense and create uncertainties that will make the audience suspect every person. In other words, don't make the perpetrator obvious.

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