Getting a gun permit to purchase a handgun in NC...?

I am buying a handgun for the first time in NC and just started reading over the process involved. Despite being a shall issue state, it seems like the catch is in order to buy a gun you need a permit from the sheriff and he can deny you for any reason he wants despite a clean record if he feels you aren't of good "moral character".

I reside in Davidson County and it appears you also need three character references listed on the application as well. This is the problem for me as am fairly new to NC. Most of my coworkers do not live in Davidson County and I'd prefer not to use immediate neighbors as references simply because I don't want it to be known I have guns because break ins are common and they aren't the most upstanding people nor are their acquaintances.

So my question is, how thorough is NC (Davidson in particular) with references on gun permits? My record is clean but I'm just worried of a denial if my references aren't good enough.

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    In NC, according to the States Attorney Generals office, to be denied a purchase permit by your Sheriff, you must have a criminal record. Good moral character is a reference to criminal activity.

    I live in NC, a few years ago a Sheriff was categorically denying purchase permits from all those in his bailiwick. The States Attorney General had to step in and demand he follow NC's Constitutional law. If your Sheriff denys you, contact the Attorney general and report him.

    Source(s): I live in NC, if you go ahead and get your CCW, you don;t ever need another puchase permit again.
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    the 1st factor you will desire to do is word for a pistol enable on the sheriff's place of work. Then once you have gotten a pistol, you will desire to locate out the place CCW training are taken and set up an appointment. you will take your CCW type and convey abode a certificates of entirety and you're taking that to the sheriff's place of work and then word for a cover carry enable. that is truly not that problematic.

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    I am with Toad Go get your Concealed permit .

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