How do I remove the Spotify "Activity" so I can see "People"?

On the left side of Spotify is where I could see what my Facebook friends were listening to, that is not the case anymore.

Instead it now says "Activity" and all I can see is the people or artists that I'm following. How do I change it back to how it was?

And where can I now find the "People" list?


I meant that it is on the right side.

Here's how it looks:

"People List" is checked, if I uncheck it the "Activity" bar on the right side will disappear.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Do you mean the right side? My friends are listed on the right side. Anyway go to the top click on the View tab, check the "People list" option. that should do it.

    Weird. I've never seen that activity bar before.Did you try clicking on close next to the "who to follow" under the activity bar?

    I also noticed you don't seem to have Spotify connected to Facebook? That may be a problem. Click on your name. Choose "Account...," your browser will open to your account on the web. On the right side of the page there is a link to manually connect to Facebook. Try that too.

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    6 years ago


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