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Should I send this love letter (warning: it's long)?

Tell me what you think, I'm very nervous!!

Dear Chris,

Chris . . . you wonderful, wonderful one-of-a-kind . . . I don't know what life will take us. But you can't change the past: You can only live for now, in hope that you will change the future. No matter what the future holds, honey, I want to spend it with you.

I can't wait for that first morning when I wake up by your side. Man, I feel like falling asleep with you would be even more intimate than making love, because it takes such trust to place myself in your arms at my most vulnerable state: asleep. But I want it, so bad, so that your face is the first thing I see the next day, your breath is the first thing I smell, your voice is the first thing I hear, your kiss is the first thing I taste - all while feeling you around me, the warmth of your body.

I can't go without seeing you any longer. I just want to run away. It doesn't matter where we go or what we do: The only thing that matters is me with you. Only you. I mean truly being with you; not lost in thought or worries, but just YOU, just losing myself in you. Sure, you are all I want and probably more than I deserve, but that only makes me more willing to give it up to have you. To go through the most painful life for you, because my pain is worth less than your happiness.

I want to go on dinner dates with you, where we can talk about everything. I want to wear white and walk down the aisle, and then you can kiss me, so that we can love each other till death do us part. After that, we can let the future take us together - no matter where that future goes. Chris, honey, I want a life with you.

I hope that someday, I will be the only girl lucky enough to marry you. I hope someday, we can let the future take us according to our love - maybe we'll have kids, kids that are a part of you and a part of me, the luckiest kids to have the best daddy in the whole wide world. <3 When we're old and gray, we will walk hand-in-hand down the beach, and I'll put my gray head on your shoulder when we watch the sunrise; that when we'll be spending Thanksgiving laughing with our grandchildren about those good old days, way back when, when we were just kids in love. But for now, all that matters is you - that I am me, and you are you, and somehow . . . we . . . fit.

Chris Jaden Madden. Even your name is perfect. You have this beautiful perfection I've never seen in anyone. Even if I could, I would not change an inch of you. Not your sturdy, sexy body: It would have made Hercules jealous. Not the sweet, gentle voice you reserve only for me, and how it softens shyly when we're really close. Not your ringlets of hair that are dark as night out of the shower but emit a halo gold as sun when they catch the light. Not the way your cheeks are always still sort of fuzzy since your last shave, or the way your voice sometimes lisps when you're excited. Not the freckle on your neck, not your handsome chin's half-dimple, not your long eyelashes, or the smell of you on your shirt. But it's not just how perfect you are on the outside. It's like . . . whenever I see your outside, all I can see is your inside. Your burst of a smile reflects your heart that is bigger than the sky, your eyes reflect your good, kind, welcoming soul, and your iron body reflects your iron will. Your voice is the most beautiful of music, and those dreams when I kiss your soft lips are the best dreams of all. I used to think you could never be more wonderful. Since I've met you, you've only become better and better. <3 I don't know how you do it, but I'm more attracted to you than I've ever been to anyone. So, here is my heart: Keep it. It's yours, forever and always. No matter how old you get, or how much hair falls from your head, you will never stop being my darling angel. My sweet, sexy honey. My beautiful, perfect baby boy.

Just thought you should know.



2 Answers

  • Shubh
    Lv 4
    7 years ago
    Favorite Answer have really poured your heart out...This Chris guy is sooooo lucky he has a girl like you in his life..

    the only problem could be if you are not close enough...then it would be awkward... but from the letter i guess you 2 r really very very close...

    if yes,What are you waiting for? just go for it...

    Don't worry about rejection.NO PERSON CAN SAY NO TO A LETTER LIKE THIS.

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    Lv 4
    7 years ago

    go for it

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