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Failing pre-employment drug test; healthcare?

I just applied for a c.n.a job and I had to take a pre-employment drug test. I'm 20 and I havnt smoked marijuana for about 2 years but I did a little once about a month ago. I just wanna know; if you fail a pre-employment drug test does it go on any kind of record or is it just between that employer and you? I'm in college currently to be a RN and don't want it to ruin my chances. Thanks.

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    If you really only smoked once a month ago you have no worries in passing a drug test. But you need to be honest with yourself . You can tell everyone it has been years as long as you know it has really been a month. If you fail a pre employment drug test you say - impossible. Study up pot smoker!

    If it has been a month your pee is clean.

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    Jobs will certainly not provide you with a drug scan on the website of the interview. It will be after the interview, if you are hired instantaneous they're going to offer you a chain of custody form to take to the drug checking out site, they are going to ordinarily inform you where it's or provide you with a list of some locations to choose from in your field. They will also tell you how long you have got to go take the test, many employers most effective offer you 24 hours. However 24 continues to be ample time to move get a process cleaner and use it. Some jobs, however, provides you with anyplace as much as 10 days to go take your test, or is not going to even offer you a time limit for it. You normally only must take a drug experiment although unless you're definitely hired by using the enterprise.

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  • Anonymous
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    Just between you and employer. But it'll pretty much ruin your chance of ever working at the place or any of its affiliates.

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