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We struggle with business in America, My dad has properties in Iran,?

He bought it when I wasn't even born. We live in California, Los Angeles Area. He owns a 4 acers properties in top locations of Iran, (Shomal).

We have family business and we are struggling. My father doesn't care about what he has, but I figured we are blessed. I need help how I can help him see it. I forgot my farsi, going back is not an option for me because they will keep me as military till i'm 30 years old. I'm 22.

If i can sell the properties from US. I can invest into my family business and help local people who don't have jobs get a job, even feed the poor, run my own charity.

Bless you all, stay strong. Through the dark tunnel there's light, I guess this is my light.


In iran, when they know you're an American they give you problems, So basically, I need a lawyer, Please.

He told me that, 5 years ago when he went back there to finish up everything, he submitted everything to the city so that they would send him the title, he has the property title number that can be traced. They were suppose to send us the Title, but we never got it. I need a lawyer ! PLEASE ! DESPERATE !

and yes, my father does own properties in Iran, and we are struggling in America. We are living like poor people, In Iran, we are kings.

Someone, tell me there's a lawyer that something somewhere can be done to get my fathers wealth.....I believe through dark clouds, there's rain.

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    military period is 2 years , why would they keep you until you are 30 !?

    in iran land is gold , if you leave it for a very long period of time some one may steel it ,it's called speculation and it's happening around the world so you better do something about it .

    you need a lawyer , there is something called ... well i dunu the english term but basically you put the lawyer in charge of your property he can sell or rent it for you .

    my advice is find a lawyer , sell the land and take the money .

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