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which career should i pursue?

i am only a freshmen in high school, but i feel like i have choose the right career to pursue(for the most part). I'm pretty much set on being an engineer and i want to attend virginia tech when i go to college, but thats when my problem arrives. i cant seem to find what type of engineer i should be. not trying to brag at all, but from what i have been told and from grades, i am a complete genius in math. and no im not the nerdy smart person that spends my weekend studying, i am the complete opposite. i personally think that i have never studied for anything in my life. Math is by far my strongest subject , with science coming after that. so thats why i want to be an engineer. as for the type of engineer, i am undecided. im really spontaneous and ambitious, and i tend to always be leader in group work. i guess i could say i have a good imagination. haha also i want a type of engineering that makes a good amount of money, but i know thats not all that matters. ive been told that i should be a systems or computer engineer, and i kind of agree with that yet i have been steering towards being in engineer management. so really all i want to know is: should i pursue engineering? if so, what type would be best for me? and if you dont think i should be an engineer then what type of job should i pursue instead?

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    As a senior in high school, I was just like you freshman year in school so I can relate. I made my decision to study computer science due to its endless opportunities in computer technology, at least on the software side. However, it took me a while to get there. I went from architecture, to civil engineering, to computer engineering, to software engineering (which is a very rare undergraduate major), and finally computer science. I based my judgement off where the future is heading, what kind of opportunities and money those jobs offer, what I excel at in school, but most of all what I saw myself doing ten years from now. Thats the biggest thing here, try to picture yourself seeing what you do. As far as my knowledge goes, petroleum engineers make a lot of money but it is based on location whether they are prevalent or not. In any field, I am pretty positive you can work your way up to a project manager, etc. so don't set yourself on management right away, get the education behind everything first. In general, engineering is what the world uses everyday and is rising in demand in almost every subcategory of engineering. Just notice how machines are taking over jobs and robots are being improved each day, this is all engineering/science/math/technology fields that do this and this is where the future of jobs will primarily be in. Those are also known as STEM jobs. I definitely recommend pursuing a STEM job but from there, it is up to you. Although I tried my best to expose myself to this stuff, it is still my biggest regret not to try my hardest to work a free high school internship by just watching what engineers do, or getting a job involved with computers. Get yourself exposed to that stuff as much as you can while the time is still available so you can become familiar with how those fields work. Have a heavy background in math and science classes and do well in them and you will be fine if you choose a STEM career. Just remember you have time but trust me it goes fast and the FINAL DECISION IS UP TO YOU. GOODLUCK

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