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Investing (Mutual Funds and Online Stocks)?

Ok im 20 and i've always had a thing for investing and money, I really want to get into investing. I'm a beginner and know little things about in vesting. I was just wondering if anyone knows any books or tips that they have for me. Like websites to invest on, or places to invest in mutual funds.

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    For Mutual Funds read any book by Sheldon Jacobs;

    (a little dated.... but still viable)

    And: Mutual Funds For Dummies


    Only buy No Load, Low Fee, Mutual Funds... some examples would be;

    Before you put a penny into any fund make sure you totally understand Mutual Funds. There will be a time when the market will drop, everyone on TV will be saying that the stock market is crashing & you'll lose 20% - 60% or more..... everyone will be telling you to get out of the market as fast as you can...... "this time is different" will be what everyone says.... if you read the books... you'll know that you shouldn't leave the fund(s)..... just wait out the bad times & you'll be fine.

    Source(s): Janus was a great fund family. They've been more mediocre recently & are no longer a "no load" fund company.... which means... very expensive to buy into..... not worth the money.
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    Hey there,

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    Get a book such as

    Investing for Dummies

    Investing Made Easy.

    Available at bookstores. Best $20 you will ever spend.

    A book that you will go back to many times in your life time.

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    I'd read MorningStar and check out Janus. I'd also look into socially responsible mutual funds that do well and allows you sleep at night knowing you're not polluting the planet or making a profit from liquor sales in poor neighborhoods or something. I'd avoid day trading which is for suckers. Buy low and sell high. Also buy low P/E. And don't forget to hedge your dollars not with gold but real estate, commodities, and oil.

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