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Eliminate some names please!!?

if u do eliminate 8 names, please give possible suggestions for other names! U can also Take away a middle or last name if it doesn't sound good. Thanks for the help!!! xoxo

PS. i tried to get these names to sound as real as possible, so some of the names like Morris are a little old fashioned.

These characters are siblings:

Caleb Liam Stoneman

Nate Anderson Stoneman

Matthew Logan Stoneman

Charlotte Grace Stoneman

Camille Margaret Stoneman

Victoria Cleo Stoneman

These characters are friends to my main character:

Drew Grey O'Reilly

Selena Quinn Cambridge

Rosalie Jennifer Hooper

Judith(I know Judith isn't a good name, but it's special for me) Piper Nelson

Andrew Harold Phillips

Shane Jason Allen

Charlie Grayson Newman

Percy Abbott Sinclair

These Characters are either family members or other little characters

Ivan Rudy Masters

James William Miller

Leo Orion Ackerman (I know not the best, name, but again it'c sentimental.

Matteo Jacob Adams

Naomi Keera Jacoby

Steven Thomas Sanders

Jason Ronald Colins

Morris David Jackson

Brian Ken Lexington

Kevin Fred Olson

Brandon Marshal Scott

Jackson Joseph Grant

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  • 7 years ago
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    wow um there are alot but i would choose caleb liam stoneman, charlotte grace stoneman, victoria cleo stoneman, james william miller, naomi keera jacoby, jason ronald colins, brian ken lexington, kevin fred olson. those are pretty good ones hope i helped you

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