why you are a coward... emotionally?

ask anyone and they will say, i'm very independent, i believe myself, i'm super confident, i will do anything, i will bungee jump, i will kick 30 asses per second etc.

but when it comes to opening emotional channels, they are complete cowards. why? is it because the independent, open-minded, super confident face they are making is nothing but a mask?

your venus and mars.


what i'm saying is this: if you have balls, you have them. if you have courage, if you can dare, you can. and i simply believe it's an irrational fear or artificial difference between the physical and emotional. did you get it now?

Update 2:

physical: stand up, say hey, let's do this amongst bunch of people, lead them, be charismatic, don't give a krap what they will think or whether you will fail to lead them (you can always call them freaking passive low asses if that were to happen)

emotional: open emotional channels, fall in love, truly bond with that special person, feel all the good stuff........ and when things get shitty, be though enough to just move on.

both physical and emotional risky. so there's really no difference yet people don't think so it seems.

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    Funny thing is, I'm just the opposite: I wouldn't want to bungee jump out sky dive - not necessarily cause I'm a chicken, but because I have pretty bad luck and a track record where bad things happen to me. So, the calculating part of my brain tells me that if I took the chance, chances are I would get myself killed, or at the least, severely injured. On the other hand, I am secure in who I am and my beliefs and my emotions. Frankly, I don't give a s**t what people think of me or how I act or the emotions I show, because people who don't know me or what makes me tick, aren't entitled to judge me because they DO NOT know the reasons behind why I am doing the things I do or what factors have made me who I am. I'll NEVER forget the time my mom and I went out shopping and this guy walked up to her and said: "Smile b***h." and walked away. They didn't realize she had just had surgery and was in severe pain. I didn't see this happen, but my mom told me about it after we left the store. If I had known at the time, I would have torn him a new one. Point is, the guy didn't know my mom or her situation, so he had NO right to judge her; but, that's what a lot of people do - they judge a person without all the facts. This is the main reason why most people are ' emotional cowards', as you out it - wear your heart on your sleeve and you get slammed.

    Here are a few different possible answers to the dilemma of your question:

    1. When one has courage physically, whether the physical event is being performed by the individual themself or the 'act of courage' is being shared with someone (ie you go bungee with someone, you go sky diving with someone, etc) - that 'act of courage' ONLY effects the individual. In other words: you bungee jumping does not involve effecting someone else; only you suffer the consequences of performing that act of courage. You rush into a burning house to rescue a person or an animal and if you fail, at least you tried, and if you succeed you're a hero - once again the individual suffers the consequences of their actions (we're not talking about getting drunk or coming some random act of physical stupidity).

    But, if one emotionally opens up, then they are opening themself up to be judged by others. Showing ones emotions can make them a mark for ridicule, teasing and prejudice. If one cries because something makes them sad - then they're a wuss; if they like a certain type of music they can be labeled a freak, etc. If one shares these feelings with others then they can get ripped apart. Whereas, if one doesn't bungee jump or sky dive, there are just as many people who can understand why you didn't do it because many might considered these reckless, dangerous or stupid acts of 'courage' as there are people who will say 'Why didn't you do it? You chicken?'

    2. There's a couple quotes that come to mind "It's easier to hate then to love." and a line from a song "The opposite of love is indifference."

    What this means: if you love someone (whether it's a bf/gf, spouse, kid, family, friend) and they leave you, disappoint you, don't love you back, they die - then you can suffer. This opens one up to potential pain and sadness. If one shows indifference, dislike or hate to another person, then if something goes wrong - there's no connection or caring and therefore no pain.

    3. Many people will say that emotional pain and scars take much longer to heal. In other words, people who have been beaten our abused physically tend to heal quicker then those who have been verbally abused, teased our mentally manipulated. This is not ALWAYS the case, but it seems that emotional damage does tend to seem to have a more long standing effect on the psyche, then does physical damage.

    Bottom line: emotional acts of courage open you up to potential judgment, ridicule & possible crucifixion (figuratively). It involves more people then just the individual.

    Physical acts of courage are only affecting the person performing the act, no one else.

    People know the repercussions of physical acts of courage and emotional acts will have two different results. Therefore, people debating physical acts might follow through, whereas they might find an emotional act difficult or even impossible to undertake, knowing what the outcome could be.

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    I'm a coward about many things in life, and I'm aware of it. When I was younger, lol, I identified with that will do anything, kick 30 arses per second and such... :)

    I have trouble opening up emotionally when someone has blocked me off first. I have friends and relatives who go through months of depression, and when I try to connect, it's like they roll their eyes and go into a leave me alone mode. In turn, that finally gets me depressed. It's like a cycle because then one of them might ask me if there's anything they can do to help me, and they're the one that got me feeling that way. That's happened so many times that I'm a coward when it comes to opening emotional channels with them. I'm afraid they might get worse, or I'll make things worse. I go on with my life, being successful with work, and probably wearing a super confident mask. What else can I do. It's better than watching them sit on the couch sulking all week, and then getting the feeling that I'm bothering them. It feels like I can actually catch their depression.

    I guess I sound heartless. I just don't want to end up feeling like I should have kept my damn mouth shut, and not tried opening emotional channels.

    Maybe this is an Aries point of view? Not sure.

    Venus in Pisces, Mars in Scorpio

  • 3 years ago

    It can be a usual gang member or repeat criminal culprit. This is any individual who used to be abused as a baby again and again. They have got hatred and want to be giant and unhealthy, but the reality is they just do not want to be abused again. They consider the high-quality defense is an efficient offense, however that isn't the case most of the time. They don't know every other way. They are emotionally sensitive themselves, even as as not showing sensitivity or empathy toward others. They're in a rough spot. They advantage from an extraordinarily confrontational remedy like fact remedy, REBT, or MRT. They're emotionally fragile so that they lash out like a wounded animal.

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    Hehe - I'm not confident and independent at all, not physically at least. I am a coward! BUT...

    It's not that hard for me to open my emotional channels for somebody. I am careful, though, but the moment I realize they're worth it, I give it my all. I love with my whole heart and with great passion. I put all of my effort into the relationship. BUT... when things go wrong, I cling on, I don't know how to let go. I hate moving on and do everything to save the relationship. But when I realize there's nothing to do, I move on and I move on so hard I don't even turn my head to look back.

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    Mars in Gemini

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  • 7 years ago

    I don't know what a "coward emotionally" means v_v Does that mean I am too cowardice to become emotional? Because I am emotional I am automatically classified as a coward?

    The prediction in your first paragraph "ask anyone and they will say, I'm very independent" and then you end it with "etc" isn't quite helping. Independent people can be emotional. People who believe in themselves can be emotional. Confident people can be emotional. People who bungee-jump can be emotional - it obviously took some emotion in order for those people to speak such certainty about themselves, whether it be anger or something different; or perhaps you only said that in order to get people to say otherwise v_v

    I don't think you have grasped the meaning of the term "coward". Just because someone doesn't express themselves physically doesn't mean to say they are cowards - perhaps they just don't know how. Perhaps it is you who remains the coward, putting pressure on other users in order to make yourself look superior.

    - Aries Venus, 2H.

    - Pisces Mars, 12H.

  • 7 years ago

    i dont get this question some people actually ARE like that , ive never bonded with everybody , well maybe two people drinking together can bond while getting drunk together , emotional is when someone dies and im not coward to admit i cry then, being emotional i think is mainly for kids there going threw lots of grow points,and people who arnt good with change. thats just my opinion .

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    Or the person just isn't the emotional type.

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    I'm emotional ONLY alone.

    Mars in Capricorn,

    Venus in Libra.

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    I'm confused though, you ask a question about this ''you'' person in your question, then you build up your charachter in the 1st paragraph by saying "I'', then you change the subect to "them" in the 2nd paragraph. I'm confused what you are trying to say D'x

    who is 'you'

    who is 'i'

    who is 'them'

    I get what you mean about courage. but I'm trying to understand what you mean by.."it's an irrational fear or artificial difference between the physical and emotional" to what?

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    7 years ago

    Emotions out of control can be dangerous. ( again ,i didn't said they are ,but they can be)...

    I'm the confident one myself also ,i don't bother with emotions to much really.

    Why would you want someone to show you their emotions? You know everyone have them tho.

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