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POLL! Are you against bleaching? Why are people against skin bleaching?

No offence but majority of white people are against tanning i think! I dont get this thing, that if getting tanned is not a problem then getting bleach shouldnt be a problem aswell! If its unhealthy then tanning is not healthy aswell cuz it increases the chances of getting skin cancer! Who do you support and why do you support? Thanks

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  • Beans
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    Wtf?! Why she hating about ugly white men??

    I don't really care about people who bleach. It's not me. Let them do whatever they want.

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    getting a tan is not something we have control over, we may avoid the sun but sunlight at a certain exposure causes a tan, it's not a choice, bleaching is a permanent effect caused by a substance applied to the skin, a tan is part of the natural workings of human skin in fair skinned populations.

    it's not the same thing.

    people that are against it tend to take it as a sign of some expression that certain colors or tones are more desirable than others, as we don't see much complaint about hair dyes, it invites us to speculate that racial issues are the real point of friction.

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    They're both horrible for you, though natural tanning is not near as bad as tanning beds. Think about it this way natural tanning means you're laying under the sun and soaking in vitamin D, if you don't over do it and use proper protection it's not bad for you. Bleaching your skin means your putting man made chemicals on your skin that will eat at you and chemicals are NEVER good. I don't do either, but responsible, natural tanning isn't such a big deal, putting chemicals on your skin is always a HORRIBLE idea.

  • blah
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    Neither is healthy for you.

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