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我先生是美國公民, 長期居住在舊金山, 我跟他於2011/12 於台灣辦理結婚登記, 目前我人是在台灣, 想詢問ㄧ下 , 因為聽說 如果我先生可以用已婚的身分辦理報稅的話, 可以省下很多錢, 但 我要如何辦理取的身分的手續呢?


在台灣提出申請的話, 這段時間我還是可以入境美國嗎?

如果在美國申請的話, 我可以用目前台灣護照免簽入境美國, 然後在美國辦理嗎?



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    If your only intention for immigration is for tax purpose, then you can skip it.

    Regardless a spouse's status, as soon as the person is married, the filling status "Single" can be no longer in use.

    Since your income is not subject to the U.S. taxation, your husband will need to fill the tax as "Married Filed Separately". Your husband will enjoy some benefits, but not all for being married (such as using you as a deduction).

    If your intention for immigration is for actual immigration (You plan to live in the U.S. permanently), then keep reading.

    1. There is only one correct way to apply - your husband filed I-130 for you so that you can apply CR-1 Visa from AIT.

    2. The method above (applying visa in Taiwan) is the only official method. Any other methods (adjusting status in the U.S.) are not official and may subject to some unintended consequence.

    Usually, it is faster in AIT.

    3. Yes - only if you have answered all the questions truthfully (One of the questions on visa application or ESTA will be about your intention for immigration).

    4. No - all I-94W visa-free (with ESTA) entry is not eligible for change or adjustment of status (And that is the only reason why Canadian is the only one eligible - I-94W not required).

    5. No - if your application is lodged in the U.S., leaving the U.S. means you abandon your application.

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    除非你在台灣 沒工作 沒房子 沒股票

    想省錢!? 哈 哈 想太多了

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    1. 報稅享有配偶免稅額....這個部分不需要任何證明. 你說妳結婚就結婚了. 你要附上英文結婚證書也可以. 有你的護照號碼在報稅資料上面就可以了. 但是要記得, 如果你們是夫婦要共同申報, 你的收入也要放進去. 但是因為不是美國的收入, 所以還真有點複雜.

    2, 你要去美國長住嗎? 沒有就還是用免簽去美國玩玩. 每次三個月. 如果要長住才要辦身分.

    3. 有空請老公幫妳把SSN給辦了.

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