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Elena asked in 社會與文化語言 · 8 years ago

by 2-hour construction 是什麼意思?

For those facilities with inpatients, where the laboratory is separated by 2-hour

construction (rated at 1.5 hours) and Class B self-closing doors (SCD), no AFE

system is required.

請問 by 2-hour construction 是什麼意思?



Update 2:



Update 3:

Thank you, DaSaGwa!!

Thanks for your detailed explanation. It is really helpful to me.

Update 4:


Grounding configurations may not be bypassed by, for example, an adapter that interrupts

the continuity of the grounding.


重點在"be bypassed by",在這裡指的是因為adapter 的干擾而使接地的路線不能持續,


Update 5:



Update 6:

No, I am not in this business, and I am not a Civil Engineer.

I am helping my friend translate some requirements and checklists of quality control programs for medical lab.

So some words and terms that I didn't use before now is my challenge.

But by translating these I can learn a lot.

Update 7:

It's nice meeting you here. And you are such a nice person.

Maybe I will again have questions about English or translation in the near future.

I do hope I will meet you here or somewhere on the Internet again.

Thanks for your help.

Bye!! 新年快樂!!

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    8 years ago
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    You are perfectly correct!

    This is fire code terminology. Usually it is stated as

    2 hours fire rated wall

    What it means is the wall can prevent fire from penetrating for 1.5 hours. Therefore, if fire occurs at the other side of the wall, people has 1.5 hours to escape from the fire, or the wall can sustain the fire for 1.5 hours without collapsing. One of the examples is like:



    2013-01-23 01:42:18 補充:

    The reason it says 2-hour construction , but rated at 1.5 hours, is due to the safety factor. There are many different kinds of fire, with different strength and intensity. Hence, for safety reason, it will be down rated a little.

    2013-01-23 02:32:40 補充:

    safety factor = 安全係數, not 安全因素.

    2013-01-23 22:45:37 補充:


    Yes, very comprehensive! I like the way you translate, because you do it by the meaning of the sentence, not word by word.

    2013-01-24 14:14:14 補充:


    The above is perfect. The other one is not that good. "bypass" means "繞行", not "打斷".

    The two sentences you have asked are all heavily related to construction. Are you in this business, so you are a Civil Engineer ?

    2013-01-24 14:17:33 補充:

    I can tell you which way is right is because I involved lots of construction!

    2013-01-24 23:04:57 補充:

    Understood! You are very good! Especially, the portion about grounding, continuity and bypass. They are special terms for electrical wiring. By the way, if you really want to use "打斷". You might use it this way:


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