Are airsoft AEP guns reliable?

I wanna buy an electric pistol but I hear people say like they stop working after few shots and they break fast. Mostly people say they stop working after few shots. Idk if it's true but if it is can someone say so cause I don't wanna buy a gun then it screws me over. But I think it also depends on the gun or the brand cause if AEP guns break or stop working like after ur 20th shot then the company wouldn't be making money selling them cause people kno they break fast. But idk can someone help me out here?? Thnks

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  • Luke
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    8 years ago
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    they are a little big un reliable, one of my guns broke after 3 weeks of using. Now i use Gas Blowback pistol which is much better than electric. Except you will need to buy green gas for the gas pistol to function.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It's not that they're unreliable, but they're just a bit more unreliable than gas pistols and they have crappy performance. Really, I don't suggest buying an AEP. Having gone through one myself, I much prefer my GBB over the AEP. Only buy an AEP if you live in an extremely cold climate which means that gas performs less.

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