Question about satellite?

How fast does satellite orbit the earth?

how are the astronaut able to hold a satellite? In this picture? how long does it take for satellite to around the earth?

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    8 years ago
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    In low earth orbit, the period is about 90 minutes. The image you provided was from the STS-51A mission. After the commander rendezvoused with each satellite, astronauts using Manned Maneuvering Units flew over to the satellite and attached the probe like device he is holding in the picture to the satellite. This provided a fixture that the robot arm could grapple and then attach the satellite to a holding fixture in the payload bay for return to earth. Two satellites were retrieved, PALAPA B-2 and WESTAR Vl, both of which failed to reach proper orbits when their kick motors failed to ignite.

    The astronaut in the picture was flying free, not on the remote manipulator as another answer stated.

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  • The astronaut is not holding the satellite, but is holding on to the satellite.

    I don't know, but think I remember that mission where the astronauts retrieved a communications satellite that failed to transfer into its synchronous orbit. If I recall correctly, the astronaut's feet were on the robotic arm, attached to the space shuttle, and not floating free in orbit. Could that (robotic arm) have been photoshopped out of the picture?

    While in low earth orbit, the satellite orbital period is about 90 minutes.

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  • ?
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    8 years ago

    It depends on the altitude of the Satellite,The lower satellites orbiting the Earth around (400 km) can travel at around 17,300mph and high orbiting Geostationary satellites orbit at around (38,000km) only orbit at about 7,300 mph.Which Satellite is in your picture??

    The astronaut can hold onto the Satellite because he/she is orbiting at the same speed as the Satellite -there fore he/she is basically standing right beside the Satellite not going anywhere.

    Most satellites usually orbit the Earth in about 90 to 100 Min's.

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