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how did Jesus die for our sins?

it says in the Bible that all our sins are forgiven because Jesus came here to die for our sins. But, I don't get how the death of the Son of God forgives our sins. Someone wanna explain that better to me?

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    He didn't pay for anyone or die in anyone's place, if he had the wage of hate would not be death to this day.

    Here is how it works, he just came to do it with us, out of love. He is the one who takes away the sin of the world though, that is most certainly true, but like it says everything has to go in order. He is collecting his people right now, althroughout this lifetime he is collecting his people, and they are changing. And then the rest later.

    But him coming here, it was just to be nice. He died FOR our sins, this doesn't mean that he paid for us or died in our place. Think about it, if a fireman goes into a building and dies in the process of saving someone, then he died for them, to save them from a fire. It's the same thing.

    And he didn't have to come at all. He's just nice.

    and all of that metaphorical animal killing in the past, it was only metaphorical, it was a symbol for what he would do in the future, and don't worry, it says every last drop of blood spilled from those animals will be accounted for, it's not like God likes killing animals, hell he offered us a healthy vegetarian diet awhile back remember, unfortunately we are exactly like those people back then.

    it was also and offering, not that God enjoys killing or blood or the smell of burning flesh, he only said that to at least attempt to relate to us, he only wanted us to offer him something that we cared about, that is all that that was, it's about sharing is all. He doesn't want animals. Just a gift from us every now and then.

    They all turned his gift of healthy plants down in the garden, and ended up eating the animals anyway, so he just wanted a gift from them.

    And yeah, one could technically be a vegetarian, but they would turn it down as well, can't have your cake and eat it to, they would have shyte all over him also, and then went out with everyone else.

    yeah, he didn't pay for anyone or die in anyone's place. We will still pay our wages and change throught the miracle of righteous judgement.

    And don't try and make it sound like God is just pulling the wage out of his rear end for no reason, everyone pays a wage at first, this is nothing more than natural consequence, for being a hateful little mongrel shytehead, and then there is the change. It says that he even changes satan and the demons, and the angels also have their wage and judgement as well. No angels are not good, for they are judged.

    I imagine that no one, even God and his son, starts out perfect, how could that ever happen, it can't.

    How much you wanna bet God didn't start out perfect. He probably opened his "eyes" and just went about testing boundaries, hurting himself, and completely destroying shyte actually, no telling what else. But yeah, he wasn't good at first, no one ever is.

    Forgiveness you ask? He forgives us because he is ancient, and we are little children, most of the time not knowing what we do, but it's natural to begin as a child. Not to mention he knows our destiny of becoming perfect so why wouldn't he act that way. A day for us is like a thousand years to him, he has been everywhere and done everything, he understands everything, and knows our destiny as well.

    Screw up, natural consequence, judgement and change, that is how it goes. Just don't define judgement by human standards.

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    Well before Jesus, the wages of sin was death.

    People were often killed in payment for their sins.

    BUT such imperfect deaths did not satisfy God's sense of Justice.


    Jesus, Son of God, God-incarnate, came as the Perfect Sinless Man, so that when he died, he has the power over sin and death. No other kind of Messiah could do that. The Messiah couldn't just be any regular created man, it had to be God himself as Jesus.

    I hope that at least clarifies a little.

    It is a complicated concept.

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    No Jesus did not die for every single sin. Not all sins are forgiven.

    Let's back up a bit before I elaborate on that.

    God is the perfect essence of justice. What this means is that every single sin no matter how small or how great must be accounted for or God is not perfectly just. If God is not perfectly just He cannot be God. So how can God forgive sin? The only way He can save an indvidual is if there is a perfect substitute for that person's sin. Let's say you are a born again Christian. If that is the case then it means that Jesus paid your price under eternal damnation. It means Jesus experienced your time under God's wrath in hell for every single sin you commit in your life from birth to death. Christ did this at the cross as He suffered God's wrath for a subset of humanities sins. Those whom he has specifically chosen past, present, and the future.

    Did Christ pay for every single sin? No because then it means no one would come under judgment and be cast into hell. God does not pay for someone's sin and then expect them to pay again. That would be unjust.

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    Notice what Isaiah 53:5 says: "But he was being pierced for our transgression; he was being crushed for our errors. The chastisement meant for our peace was upon him, and because of his wounds there has been a healing for us". Adam and Eve passed death and sin to us all as offspring due to their sins! In order for us to obtain redemption from a life that would be merely living and dying, Jehovah gave his son Jesus as a ransom. This was needed in order for us to regain what was lost. Adam was perfect, but lost his perfection. So an equal sacrifice of another perfect man was needed to cover over sin. Jesus was the only one able to do this being perfect.

    Jehovah God and Jesus Christ paid such a high price for us sinners! (Romans 3:23) Every day, we face the painful reality of our sinful nature and our imperfections. However, on the basis of faith in Jesus’ ransom sacrifice, we can appeal to God for forgiveness. (1 John 2:1, 2) This makes it possible for us to enjoy freeness of speech with God and a clean conscience. (Hebrews 4:14-16) What is more, we can entertain the prospect of living on a paradise earth for all eternity. (Revelation 21:3, 4) These and many other blessings are all results of Jesus’ supreme act of self-sacrifice

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  • Yes me only blood covers sin before Jesus came to be the atoning sacrifice before that the blood of a perfect animal covered sin but with Jesus the perfect sacrifice sin is actually removed justified just as if sin had never been. God made a blood covenant with Himself knowing our own way even to God always turns out messy and less than perfect.

    God's perfect love crying mercy and paying the price for perfect justice.

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    Although one of the main reasons why Jesus came to earth was 'to bear witness to the truth' about God's Kingdom (John 18:37), the other is that Jesus gave his life 'as a ransom' (Mat. 20:28).

    A ransom is provided to buy something back, like after a kidnapping.

    Adam 'kidnapped' the human race for Satan, so to speak, Jesus bought it back by means of his ransom (John 3:16) for his God and Father (Creator).

    The decision whether to accept this gift is up to the individual, as Almighty God Jehovah does not force anyone to do so. Appreciative individuals, however, are doing so today by being genuine followers of Jesus, being 'happy to do the things he commands them' (John 13:17).

    Kind regards, Günter PS: Please see website below.

    Source(s): The Holy Scriptures
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    Here's the gist...God made a system knowing ahead of time that it would fail, and that his attempts to solve the problem would fail (the whole omniscience thing), he creates this system full of sinful people but instead of changing the criteria or just forgetting altogether and removing the system, he decides to come down in human form, present himself as a blood himself, to serve as a loophole out of a system of his own creation...if that is not the most asinine logic, I don't know what is.

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    No,man come to the father but through the son Jesus Christ, he did all the work before the foundations of the world that is why he is called the lamb slain before the foundation of the world. im just paraphrasing it.Jesus Christ die for are sins before the foundation of the world that is why he is called the lamb slain before the foundation of the world. im just paraphrasing it.

    Source(s): king james holy bible
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    Christianity in a nutshell, from God's view: "I am going to create man and women with original sin. Then I am going to impregnate a women with myself, as her child, so that I can be born. Once alive, I will kill myself to you save you from the sin I originally condemned you to! TA DAH!!!"

    Also, I never asked him to do that for me. But now, if I don't worship him for a task that I never asked of him in the first place, I get to burn for eternity? Sounds like I got the short end of the stick

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    Just belive god took him up to heaven and he didnt die on the cross that what Islam belive also Islam says jesus will return to earth to aid Imam al mahdi in his quest.

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