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my iPhone 3GS doesn't have a video camera? HELP!?

I bought my iPhone 3G S secondhand and i don't have the old owners number anymore. I realised my iPhone doesn't have a video camera, like when you click the camera built-in app it usually has an option at the bottom to swap between camera and video camera, but mine only has the camera? I've looked all over my settings to see if i could enable it or something but there's nothing that helps.. There's no questions or help about it on the Internet so it hasn't happened to many others and i don't know where to get help. Does any one know if there's a way to fix this. Please please please, I need to use the video camera for school trip next week


thanks, I've realised it's not a 3GS it's a 3G, I was tricked when I bought it haha:/ thanks, I've downloaded some of the video camera apps and they've helped a lot

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    As far as I can remember the 3gs doesn't have Video recording via the Iphone camera. If you go on to the app store and download Cycorder, Video genius that will enable you to record video through the app. I'll post a link below for a few more other apps that may or may not work better than the ones i said. Hope this helps :)

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    Are you sure as the IP3GS DOES HAVE A VIDEO CAMERA

    The similar looking IP3 does NOT

    If the maximum resolution you can get is 2MP you have an IP 3

    Here are the above 2 discontinued phones

    Source(s): phone GSM
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    Update the software i think :O

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