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What do you think will happen in Mali?

So what, do you think this is going to escalate? They talk about sending an extra 500 as of now, but even then, that's only around 2500, and that's not enough for a war. Sure the African countries are sending soldiers, but if the terrorists hold Northern Mali (as large as Afghanistan?), and they've been digging in and building tunnels, it's going to be a ***** to take them out. Will France just send a small force, and let the Western African countries deal with them? Because I highly doubt that African armies are going to be able to fight and win against an enemy that the US army (that send a ton more soldiers, with FAR better gear and support) had a hard time rooting them out of.

Basically, what do you think will happen to Mali in the coming months?


@Yak - While i've no doubt that the Legion will do damage, there are just not enough of them to span the territory that large. The US Army had a hard to finding the terrorists and hunting them down in Iraq and Afghanistan, now think if we tried that with just a few thousand soldiers. I just don't see it happening.

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    another pointless war that was started by al qeade to 'damage the west and claim a new homeland' or some bollocks like that

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    "that's only around 2500, and that's not enough for a war"

    I didn't know there was a minimum buy-in at this poker table.

    Here's the thing: we don't need to kill every last one of the al-Qaeda rebels in Mali. Just enough of them that the locals can do the rest, or chase them away. That doesn't involve US support, other than maybe some random "unattributed explosions" (read: Reaper strikes against selected targets). The Tuaregs are supposedly not happy with aQ already, and the other forces (specifically the ECOWAS nations) are more than capable of routing them. And there will be more US involvement (we've already had SF guys on the ground there, a few were killed in a car accident in the last year or so), but it won't be a significant force, and it will be highly "advisor/support" in role.

    Is that a long-term answer? No. But it might be enought to do the job for awhile.

    Source(s): Active-duty US Navy
  • Tunnels or not, I don't think the terrorists could hold out in the stark desert for a long time. Their are ways of flying over at night and using infrared technology to sense warmer areas in the sand which might indicate a tunnel. And France has night vision technology. In Vietnam, tunnels worked because there was so much vegetation to hide them..and food and water sources. In the desert, they eventually have to come out and bring in food and water...they can't eat/drink sand. I think France will need to stay involved until they are defeated. I think they will be defeated..

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    The Foreign Legion troops will drive the terrorists back into the desert.

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    We are going to end up helping the French. Yeah another war.

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    (don't know don't care)

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