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story writing~~急!!!聽日就要交 20點

write about 150 words




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    Mermaid princess of the house, in the deepest ocean, there is a bright red coral and brick wall, as well as the roof of the pearl embellishment, a small flower garden flowers open like a flame camel, and even the trees bear fruit,and shiny, gold mermaid princess favorite treasures is a marble boy like.

    15th birthday that day, the mermaid surfaced, the first time I saw the view of the land, and also to see the handsome prince, the original marble statue is Prince. Once the prince sea encounter a storm occurs is shipwrecked, the mermaid princess rushed rescued Prince, but the Prince did not open my eyes to see her look.

    Since then, the mermaid princess every day to swim to shore, look at the prince. Unconsciously, he fell in love with the prince, and growing yearning for human life. The sea witch to become a mermaid tail slender legs to allow her to land to find the prince, but the witch took her most wonderful sound in exchange.

    Mermaid princess for the prince, leaving behind his family, hometown and pleasant voice, endure the daily pain of suffering, but the prince has no knowledge, is happily ready to marry another beautiful princess, and he thought that is his savior.

    The prince married the next morning, the body of the mermaid princess melted into sea foam, gradually disappeared.

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