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以下是我寫的文章.可不可以麻煩一位聰明人幫我翻譯ㄋ?? 文法要正確喔!!



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  • 8 years ago
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    版大您好, 就讓Panda來幫您ㄅ, 絕對純人工翻譯且error-free! 希望您不要辜負Panda的好意而刪題, 阿彌陀佛! 我第一次學英文是我印象最深刻的事.My first time learning English has left a deep impression on me.

    我第一個學的單字是APPLE.“APPLE” was the first word I learned. 當時還只是個小孩子, 對於英文是第一次接觸, 所以剛開始學英文時我有一點厭倦英文總覺得英文一直要背要寫很麻煩, 所以我英文不好.I was a mere child then, and thought learning English was bothersome due to having to constantly memorize vocabularies and write them, so as a result, my English totally suffered! 直到有一次去國外時才發現學英文其實很有趣.My belief held on to me until I had a chance to travel abroad one time, and discovered learning English could be quite fun. 於是回台灣時, 我下定決心要學好英文, 因為我希望有一天自己能夠去國外旅遊.So upon returning to Taiwan, I had made the decision of mastering my English skill, as I intend to travel alone on my next trip overseas. 我很喜歡去感受一些外國風情, 去看看世界各個角落, 和許多不同國家的人互動.I am fond of experiencing foreign cultures, and to visit every corner of the world while interacting with people of various nations. 而現在英文對我來說就是我的夢想.So now, English is the key to achieving my dream. 就算英文會越來越難, 但是我已經下定決心要學好它, 我就要說到做到把英文學好.As bumpy as the road may seem, I will not be turning back, and keep on persisting on my dream until it is realized. 出國留學就是我最大的夢想~Studying abroad, without a doubt, is at the very top of my list. Hope it helps!

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    Hey now that's an idea, though I would probably charge more because I don't just translate, I make it beautiful!

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  • 8 years ago

    Dear brother Pandie, I had a little suggestion for you, would you consider to set up an online business as " Panda Stone error-free

    Payment remarks: $200H.K per typing paper A4 ( within 300 words )

    Not kidding, it might be work. I'll be the first customer with 20% less.哈哈

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    Wal,is my proposal ok,Panda boss?−(= 0 =)y

  • 8 years ago

    I first times learn English is I impression most deep of thing. I first a learn of words is APPLE. then also just a children. for English is first times contact. so just began learn English Shi. I has is tired English. total think. English has been to back to wrote is trouble. so I English bad. until has a to abroad Shi. only found learn English actually is interesting. so. back Taiwan Shi. I determined to learn English. because I hopes one day own to to abroad tourism. I is like to feel some foreign style. to see world all corner. and many different national of people interactive. and now. English on I,. is I of dream . Even if English is becoming increasingly difficult. but I'm determined to learn her. I'm going to behave. to learn English. studying abroad. it's my greatest dream ~

  • 8 years ago

    Learning English for the first time I was most impressed that I first learned the word APPLE was just a little kid English first contact, so I'm a little tired of just beginning to learn English.English. always felt that English has to be back to write a lot of trouble, so my English is not good. so until the time to go abroad. discovered that learning English is actually very interesting. return to Taiwan, I determined to learn English becauseI hope to one day be able to travel abroad, I like to feel some foreign customs. every corner of the world to see and interact with many people from different countries. English for me. was my dream. EvenEnglish will become more and more difficult but I was determined to learn her I'm going to walk the talk to learn English and study abroad is my biggest dream .

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